1. JoLynn Vegh says

    Praise the LORD! I attended the Boise conference last weekend and was really blessed by the content, the humility and heart for service that Beth and her team exhibited.
    I especially love the way that the team just vanished quietly as we worshiped our LORD at the end….it was obvious that they didn’t seek HIS glory; it was all about him.
    I do want to express my concern, however, about the trend these days of the singers to SCREAM LOUDLY their songs, be it secular or religious. We are not deaf…YET…; seems that they are afraid they won’t be heard or noticed or believed…..
    We see this trend in the churches, concerts, even on American Idol!!!! The performers get the focus instead of the message.
    I noticed that most of the soloists performed their numbers LOUDLY….
    Please consider my concern and perhaps we can get back to the holiness of the message.
    Thank you for hearing what we , some of the listeners and participants, are feeling.
    JoLynn Vegh

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