Must-read from Angie Smith

Every once in awhile I’ll run across a blog post where I feel like I’m sitting right next to the person who wrote it. Looking over their shoulder. Patting them on the back. Holding my breath to see how it ends.
It doesn’t happen often, but when it does? I can’t stop thinking about it. And I want to pass it along to other people, too.
Monday night I read Angie Smith’s latest blog post, “Pattern.”
I don’t think I exhaled until I got to the very end.
It’s a beautiful picture of how intricately God works, of His Sovereignty in the midst of our heartache.
Go. Read.
You’ll be so glad you did.


  1. Heidi says

    Much heartache. . .
    Shattered Dreams Danced Into His Desire
    (Heidi Tobin, 2012)
    …for what is loss, I now count as gain…
    Like that of the drummer boy, what shall I play for you? I played my best for Him…
    Much of my life I have danced to my own rythymn, beginning with each rushed step out of significant childhood trauma into a beat of success, from third grade of winning the Young Authors award to honor roll, to national scholar in undergraduate school, and finally leaping through graduate studies in counseling to serving in the community with the dream I held since childhood. As I stepped into the next round of the dance it all seemed I had it all goin’ on until the beat came to a skip leading my knees to the floor…a lay off, then another lay off, then a virus that wiped my writings from my laptop, the off beat sent my body into a lifeless stance in the absence of all music. Until I searched the Word and kept each promise tucked into my heart believing who God is and what God wants I layed on the stage and cried out my song of many unmet dreams and waited in the longest measure before I rised up in the ashes of brokenness and thanksgiving of learning more of the Dance Partner who had in that moment became my Dance Leader. He continues to lead me in dancing into His desires, leaving behind what once was unmet dreams. For what is loss is now gain…a life beyond survival to a life of seeking Him.
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