Oh, Boise…

The folks in and around Boise, Idaho are in for a real treat this weekend, because Living Proof Live with Beth Moore will be in town this Friday and Saturday, May 18-19.
Oh, Boise. I have to admit. I am a little bit jealous of you.
The event will be at the Century Link Arena, and while I have no idea where that is, I do remember going to Boise one time when I was 9, and I remember that the Sheraton there filled the lobby ashtrays with sand and then drew the Sheraton logo in the sand.
Listen. When I was 9? I thought the ashtray sand logos in Boise were VERY fancy.
So there you have it, LPL Boise attendees. You can sit under some solid teaching from Beth, some God-honoring worship with Travis and the praise team, then head back to the Sheraton and check out the ashtrays outside the lobby.
I don’t know how you could possibly ask for more.
And in all seriousness, let us know if you’re planning to be there!

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