I am a Leader…How do I lead my Women’s Ministry Team?


I read LifeWay President Dr. Thom Rainer’s blog post titled " I Am a Leader" and felt he has such great points for me personally, and for anyone in leadership. I wanted to use that as a starting point for this blog post. Take time to read through his post first.

Now, let’s each ask ourselves (and perhaps use this as a team activity) the following questions:

1.    Is doing what is right my first priority? Regardless of how else I spend my time leading, do I put what I know to be right as the first step always?
2.    Am I looking at those I lead and who serve with me to accomplish what we believe God has directed us to do as real people and not just bodies to get the work done?
3.    Do I treat my leadership role seriously, as a stewardship of what God has entrusted to me? Do I really understand it’s not about me but about Him?
4.    Is the direction and purpose for our ministry clear? Is our conviction about the purpose obvious?
5.    Am I continuing to learn as I lead¸ knowing I will never have all the answers? Always seeking to become a better leader?
6.    Do I lead with courage, especially in the face of tough decisions?
7.    In humility, do I seek to serve those I lead? Or do I lead from a position of power?
8.    Is Jesus my example from whom I pattern my leadership? Do I look to His leadership style as my goal?
These are some great questions that we all need to answer from time to time as we continue to lead teams of women who lead women who………

What questions to you ask of yourself as a leader, and your team with whom you serve?


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