7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

Have you ever been scared to read a book?
Because I confess right here before God and the world wide interweb that I am more than a little bit scared to read 7, the latest book by Jen Hatmaker.

I hear that the book is absolutely incredible, by the way. I’ve heard nothing but raves from the people who have read it. But I know it’s going to make me uncomfortable, and I know it’s going to challenge me, and if I could just be completely shallow: I really enjoy all of my clothing options.
What about y’all? Have any of you read it? Are any of you planning to read it?


  1. Susan B. says

    I agree, Sophie! I think it will be my next book purchase. But as a fellow “shallow gal” I am a lover of clothing options, and I’m a little intimidated by this.

  2. says

    I was scared to read it, too! But I’m so glad I got over that fear. Jen doesn’t tell us that we HAVE to do what she did or we don’t really love Jesus. She just chronicles her journey. What we do is up to the Holy Spirit and our own convictions.
    But I find I have changed some of my attitudes and behaviors. I even planted a small garden! Of vegetables! And, yes, I did buy some cute new shoes since I read the book. I don’t know if that’s a 7 fail or not. Just being real!

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