When Leading Women is SLOW!


I read a story from Anne Graham Lotz that described when she was a child and the family used to hike in the mountains. When they got to the top they saw huge trees which very big trunks. This was in a location where there was no protection from the wind and storms. Anne asked her mom how they became so large in that place. Her mom said that in the storms, the trees either bent and broke, or became very strong withstanding the pressures. Those that remained were very solid, strong and able to withstand the winds.

What a vivid picture or followers of Christ. Sometimes we want results right away!  We want them without problems and hardship. But we miss so much of the lesson and we are not as desperate for God as we are when we have nothing else to hold on to in the storm!

Perhaps in your ministry you are still waiting for the way to smooth out to lead women on their discipleship journey. Be patient and see what God is teaching you in the mean time.  I recently read this powerful blog post, When Your Dreams are Delayed from Lina Abujamra. I know you will be blessed by this post as I was. And as a leader, you will be encouraged not to give up that dream God has placed on your heart for women in your church and community. (Or the dream you have for a personal relationship with someone…keep praying!)

One day we will be strong trees of righteousness that we might glorify Him! “…And they will be called righteous trees, planted by the LORD to glorify Him.”  Isaiah 61:3 (HCSB)

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  1. says

    It is so encouraging when another women in ministry shares what she has experienced and it is so similar to my experience. It lets you know that you are not the only “crazy” women out there. I love this blog. Thank Chris!

  2. Chris Adams says

    That’s truly what the body of Christ is all about!! And we sure need each other as leaders in women’s ministry!

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