Living Proof Live Kick-Off 2012

LivingProofLive.jpg Oh, Kansas City. You are in for such a treat this weekend. Let me count the ways.
1. It’s the first Living Proof Live of the new event season!
2. You are going to be served by an event team that cannot wait – CANNOT WAIT – to see your sweet faces once you arrive at Municipal Auditorium.
3. The folks who will be leading you in worship this weekend consider it such a privilege to minister to you…and what they do on that platform will be all about Jesus and not even the tiniest bit about them.
4. You will be surrounded by other women (cue Travis’ line: “and a few brave men”) who are longing to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus, and there’s something tremendously encouraging and edifying about that.
5. Your teacher, Beth Moore, will be faithful to the Word as she shares what the Lord has placed on her heart FOR YOU. Every LPL is different; no two messages are the same. And I can tell you from personal experience that the Lord just has a way of making sure that those messages are timely and applicable to whatever you’re walking through in your life. He’s sweet like that.
We’re so excited to see what God has in store over these next 15 Living Proof Live events. And if you’re going to be in Kansas City this weekend, know that we’re just as tickled for you as we can be. We will hold you close in our prayers!


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    The first Living Proof Live event of the season in KC proved awesome. Beth showed up, Travis showed up, KC showed up, and best of all – GOD showed up! Many blessings in sharing God’s Word as the year progresses.

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