I believe at this point that we’ve mentioned the new Abundance conference about one or six thousand times.
But that’s just because we are so excited about it and believe God is going to do big things. We need an abundance of Him. His mercy, His grace, His provision and His love.
And it’s interesting because as I’ve followed the various speakers (Jen Hatmaker, Kelly Minter, Jennifer Rothschild, Tammie Head, Angela Thomas, and Lisa Harper) on Twitter and Facebook over the last few days, there seems to be a theme. They are all dealing with their own struggles and heartaches as the come into this weekend.
As our gal, Paige Greene, told me earlier this week, we are all coming empty to be filled.
And so I’d ask that you’d pray for the Abundance team this weekend. For the event team, that the details come together. For the speakers, that God would use their words in the midst of their own weaknesses. For the worship team, that they would lead us straight to the heart of God.
And for the women attending, that they would be filled up with an abundance of who He is and leave refreshed and filled with Him.
Thanks, y’all. I’ll tell you all about it next week.


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