Beth Moore Speaks to Ministry with Younger Women

ae7938be-6bc1-4ead-be44-70d66b8365aa.jpgOne are we often hear from women’s ministry leaders is how to connect with the younger generation. Beth Moore and daughter, Melissa Moore Fitzpatrick, who collaborated on the Bible study James: Mercy Triumphs, discuss how women’s ministry is changing for a younger generation of women. Melissa notes the importance of diversity in this generation. Beth points out one of the unique parts of the James study — the fact that two generations spoke into it. Their discussion is facilitated by Bible study author Kelly Minter.

Watch the video here. Is this what you are hearing from younger women in your church?

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  1. says

    So true! This has been the focus of my research the last 2 years. Part of that being attending the leadership forums each year. In the singles class I was able to start at my church, we try to keep it diverse. Some weeks, our spiritual mama (a former pastors wife in her 70’s) comes to our class comes and speaks, some weeks we have Sunday school breakfast at my house, I do straight teaching one week and then deep discussions the next. We are now deciding on an outreach ministry from the class and we will incorporate that into one of the class sessions and head out Sunday morning to do that. I also have some of the girls give a quick 5 minute testimony. My next idea is to give a chosen girl a weeks notice to a topic I will be teaching on and she is to being a 5 minute thought on that topic. We are in the process of choosing spiritual mothers from our church and we are going to have an official adoption ceremony. I will set up the guidelines for the “daughters” and the “mama’s. I’ll let you know how it turns out :) It is SO fun to be around these single girls.
    Keep the info coming from the blog and site. I read all of it and put much of it into action.
    I appreciate this blog!!

  2. Lindsey Pond says

    I really appreciate this video and ANY information that is available in guiding the new generation of women’s ministry. At Green Acres Baptist (Tyler, TX), we’re in the foundational stages of creating a new identity for young women. Things I constantly hear are:
    1. We don’t want another Bible Study.
    2. We need childcare.
    3. We want authenticity and relevancy.
    4. We want to impact the community.
    5. We want relationships.

  3. Chris Adams says

    Deanna, love what you are doing! That sounds so effective. Thanks for sharing. Lindsey, those are the things we are also hearing over and over. We have a category called “Leading Young Women” on this blog, so you might take a look at the posts there to see if there is something else helpful. We did some fun videos of young women a couple years ago that are also there. Keep letting us know how you are reaching your young women!

  4. says

    What a great interview. Diversity, authenticity, relationships, discipleship and depth is what we hear a lot of. We want to make sure when women walk through the doors of our church (or church sponsored gathering), they are getting something they can’t get in the usual other places they frequent…because we are also hearing they are busy. Time is valuable and needs to be stewarded wisely. We just finished the James study and our women LOVED getting perspective from both Melissa and Beth. Thank you!

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