HOMELIFE APRIL.pngOne of my favorite LifeWay publications is HomeLife magazine. Granted, I write for it from time to time, so maybe I’m a little attached to it, but I always love seeing a new issue and setting aside a little “me” time to read about family, faith, friendships – and maybe even get a new recipe or two.
The marketing team is so kind to distribute free copies of HomeLife at different women’s events, and those free copies are always a huge hit. However, if you haven’t been able to attend a women’s event lately – or if you were at an event but missed the marketing table – you don’t have to miss out on a complimentary issue of HomeLife.
Thanks to the wonders of technology, you’re just a click away from a free HomeLife magazine download. The file is pretty big – it’s a complete issue, after all – but it shouldn’t take longer than a minute to download.
Enjoy, y’all, and if you’d like to subscribe to HomeLife, you can do that on the HomeLife web page.
Have a great week, everybody!

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