New Magazine for Boomers, More Living Magazine

If you’re like me, you really don’t want to admit your a boomer, or maybe you are embracing it! I’m at the tail end I must say, and God decided to give us a family a bit late in life, so I’ve got kids ages 7 & 10! Anyway, there are tons of positive sides to being a boomer. For many, you’re empty nesters and have more time on your hands to give back through your local church and local community.
We have something for you! It’s a new Magazine titled More Living. This magazine urges boomers to do what matters. It’s not just for you, but men will also enjoy reading it. More Living isn’t available for subscription or bulk order until September 2012, but we have a few ways you can preview it now. One is through the LifeWay website. You’ll find a flip sample to view.
Or if you are an iPAD user, you can go here and download the FREE preview app. It is so very fun.
Please tell us what you think. Also, please tell your church about this discipleship magazine. Churches will be able to offer this magazine to their congregation in bulk pricing which is a great savings. Thanks for checking it out.
You might also check out the MoreLiving Facebook page.
And, if you’re not a baby boomer but a gen x (buster) or gen y (Millennial) please tell your parents and grandparents about this great new magazine. Thanks!

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