Is Love in the Air in your Women’s Ministry?…10 Ways to Show Love


This time of year everywhere you look you see pink, red, & white along with all kinds of hearts and cupids…candy, cards, flowers, and lots of “junk” you can buy for those you love.  SO, let’s turn that love focus toward the women in our church and in our local area of influence.

Who are those women?  And which ones are hard to love? What do they look like? How do they talk? Are they different from you in culture, color, background and/or experience? What about personality, passions and spiritual gifts?


What are some things you can do to show love to that one in your ministry or even on your leadership team who is hardest to love?


1.      Pray for her daily asking God’s richest blessings on her life, family and ministry.

2.      Connect with her as soon as possible to let her know you are thinking about and praying for her. Ask her how you can pray specifically.

3.      Ask her what God is up to in her life right…what is He teaching her?

4.      Have her share what she is most passionate about when it comes to serving Christ.

5.      Find a way to help her minister to those in the church and community, out of that passion God has instilled in her heart.

6.      Become her greatest cheerleader as she serves.

7.      If things get difficult, continue to pray and do not allow the enemy to have any victory.

8.      Have your accountability partner pray for you as well as you navigate this tough relationship.

9.      Let Christ love her through you!

10.   Praise Him for what He has and continues to do to allow you to serve with and love her.



How do you show love in tough relationships?


Loving Well

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