FREE Friday Giveaway – Seeds DVD

This week there will be five winners. FIVE.
That’s a whole hand.
We are giving away five copies of Priscilla Shirer’s fifth Seeds DVD.
This session finds Priscilla speaking of the bad habits we seem to find ourselves in the middle of. Whether it is our fault or not, often times we keep going back to the same unhealthy cycles over and over again. Paul speaks of the same thing when he says in Romans that, “for that which I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do but am doing the very thing I hate. For the good that I wish, I do not do but I practice the very evil that I do not wish.”
All you have to do is leave a comment for a chance to win. We’ll close comments on Tuesday and announce the winners.
Y’all have a great weekend!
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  1. Megan says

    This is such an important message and one that we all need to hear often! Thank you for helping to spread His word!

  2. says

    I’d love to win a copy! I’ve looked at these DVDs several times and just haven’t bought one yet, but I’d love to see if they’re something we can use throughout our womens ministry.

  3. Jennifer Garcia says

    I find it hard to break habits that have taken root because I have practiced them for a long time. I feel like apostle Paul, especially, right after I realized I repeated the action I said I was not going to do.

  4. carla says

    Hi, Happy Friday. This hits home as I am doing Cynthia Heald’s Becoming a woman of Excellence, and I focused on this exact thing, bad habits that make us not be excellent women of our faith, my bad habits not habits of others. It seems to me sometimes we focus on life as a whole and when we dig deep we find just how bad some of our thoughts, actions affect others and don’t allow us to put our best foot forward. I hope to change some of mine if not all of them.

  5. Keren says

    I love to have new Bible study material. I look forward to using what I am learning now from these materials with the ladies and young ladies in Honduras when I arrive there.

  6. LaVera says

    I’m looking forward to this years Going Beyond! I’m an planning to buy the seed series as a Valentines gift to myself!

  7. Debbie Whitman says

    Wow. Ging back to the same unhealthy cycles over and over again. Sounds like the story of my life. I really want to break out of the cycle, but it’s so comforting to know that Paul spoke of his doing it, too. God certainly knows how to speak to me!

  8. Kathy Gerlach says

    Would enjoy watching and listening to Priscilla Shirer’s dvd. Would be a good addition to my morning devotions.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Sarah King says

    I would love to have these DVD’s! My husband, 5 month old and I recently came to New Jersey (we live in Arkansas) for a few months for his job. It is only temporary, but it’s hard to be away from family, church, friends, and so on. I’ve been doing James by Beth by myself (just downloading the videos), but I miss having a group…and those downloads add up =) Thank you for the opportunity!

  10. Sarah Greenberg says

    I love Priscilla Shirer! Haven’t had a chance to see any I this series yet and I would love to! Happy Friday!

  11. Monika says

    I love Priscilla’s teachings, have completed her Discerning the Voice of God and just lead her Jonah study! Good stuff!

  12. cindy kelley says

    Love Priscilla. She is passionate and real -strong I can relate to her teaching. I would love to have this dvd. Thanks Cindy

  13. Suzannah Brandt says

    I have done so many of your studies and have loved them all. There is a small group of us that meet once a week in my den and just pour over these wonderful studies by you, Beth Moore, Kelly Minter, Anne Graham Lotz and so many more. We are all so blessed to have you all as Sisters in Christ and teaching the Word so mightily in our generation. Thank you for all you do.

  14. Wendy W. Wheatley says

    Love her! Saw her in a simucast about a year and half ago! She brought the book of Jonah up to a whole different level Would love to have her Seeds DVD!! Thanks

  15. Kathleen Velez says

    I struggle with finding the “what to do’s” and constantly slip into doing what I know I should not do! This would be a way for me to open my home to a group of ladies to assist in learning His word and searching to find the WHAT TO DO’s versus being stuck in the always doing what we should not be doing! Oh God is good, I pray this may be my lucky day!

  16. Carol tatman says

    I love priscilla shirer also we have done 1 of the bible study before and I would love to win this for women’s ministry

  17. Debbie says

    I was just thinking this morning about a hugely bad habit that is really ingrained in me and how desperate I am to tear it out, This study is right up my alley. I love the insights and teaching Priscilla uses to deepen my understanding.

  18. Natalie Derrick says

    I am in desperate need to get back into the word and a good bible study. This year has gotten off to such a tumultuous start and I feel like I’m floundering. Thank you LifeWay for promoting such Godly women who have been given the gift of teaching God’s word. We so need these ladies today and every day.

  19. Stephanie White says

    What a great experience these DVD’s must be. My husband gave me the Resolution for Women book at Christmas and I am so pleased to be under Mrs. Shirer’s teaching. Thank you for the chance to enter this contest.

  20. Sandy Brownd says

    Would love to win this book! Wanted to check it out for a Bible Study for our Ladies Group at Church. Loved her Jonah Study and would like to try something else.

  21. Annette Burke says

    What a great leader Priscilla Shirer is!! Have a hunger to go even Deeper Still in His Word. This gift would be wonderful to have.

  22. Julie Overholt says

    Thank you for the wonderful free offer! Love Priscilla~ (AND my Journey magazine from you guys)Happy Friday.

  23. Sandy Melancon says

    Sounds like something I could use in my daily walk. It is difficult to trust and obey but I know it is God’s perfect way.

  24. Amanda Wilson says

    I would love to have this. I have had a subscription to “Journey” for a couple years and read many things from Priscilla! Hope to be a winner!

  25. Susah Hawks says

    I watched Life Today when Priscilla was talking about this, it would be great to have it & even better to win it. :)

  26. michelle stewart says

    Breaking the cycle is hard to do, but worth the work… I continue working on different cycles all the time…

  27. Equonda says

    I do love Priscilla. She is an awesome bible teacher and I am so happy that Lifeway has chosen her to help provide women across this country to hear God’s message through this powerful woman. I got a chance to hear one of her messages that stung me in my heart because I saw myself. Many of our day to day issues stem from our ‘humaness’ and not standing in what we as Christians should already do. We cry and pray when we have problems and the Lord saves us. However, we sometimes end up right back in the mud of that issue because we will not stand on the promises of God. Her message was “Dont Go There!” once you are delivered, you are delivered—now stand and see the Glory of God. I would love to have this DVD. Its a message that bears hearing over and over again.

  28. Lesley DeVaughn says

    These are wonderful and I would love to have #5 to do with the women at my church! Such a great resource!!!

  29. Lesly says

    I have been thinking here lately that i keep going around the same mountain or sometimes hill. And i keep making some of the same mistakes. Cant wait to go through this study.

  30. Diane says

    I would love to win this. I recently did a study by her and was a little apprehensive, but really feel in love with her teaching.

  31. Mississippi says

    We just started Priscilla’s Bible study “One in a Million” this morning and it’s gonna be great! I would LOVE to have this DVD.
    God bless!

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