We’re giving away the Esther Bible Study kit! $199 value. We’ll use
Please leave a comment! We’ll post the winner next Wednesday.
Happy Friday to you!
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  1. Kelly Bass says:

    I have actually never done a Beth Moore study, but have read several of her books and loved them. I love the story of Esther and would love to be able to donate this study to my church…or lead it. :)

  2. Ashley Moss says:

    We’re starting our small group back up in a couple weeks for our young women and would LOVE this resource!

  3. kenny atchison says:

    my nephew would absolutely love this, he is so big into our church. We are all so proud of him.

  4. Lisa Roper says:

    I love Beth Moore!!! Who wouldn’t want to win this?! She is so passionate for Christ, I love her bible studies!

  5. Amy in Italy says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    God bless you guys…

  6. If I win the Esther Bible Study, I will be sharing it with our ladies in Women’s Ministry at Woodland Heights Baptist Church. What a great gift!

  7. I would love to use this for our Ladies’ Bible study at church. We have a home Bible study, but might use this for a Sunday evening study during the summmer.

  8. I would so love to be able to dig into this study. Getting it free would make that possible!

  9. Completed the Esther study last year. It is wonderful. Highly recommend it!

  10. Beth Moore is an instrument of God in my life. I have loved every one of her studies. I like to teach them at my church so others can be blessed too.

  11. I enjoy the Bible studies by Beth Moore. I love the passion she has for sharing the word of God.

  12. Amy Pamperin says:

    THANKS, Beth, for your teachings and ministry! I can’t wait to encourage my friends today w/ what I learned today in your Believing God study:-)

  13. I would love to begin another Beth Moore study! A small group of women and I just began James: Mercy Triumphs at my home, and it has already begun to transform each of our lives this year. Blessings!

  14. Gwen Carpenter says:

    I would love to win the Esther study! I hear its awesome. I am currently doing the James study by Beth Moore and am loving it!

  15. I would LOVE to win this to go through with the girls in my Bible study group!

  16. Jeannie Bolt says:

    I would love to share this study with a group of women in the community – thank you for the chance to win! Jeannie

  17. I would LOVE the chance to win this!!! God Bless….


  19. This would be a wonderful piece to add to my church library! Thank you!

  20. Linda Bolander says:

    I love to do Beth Moore Bible Studies. I have done 5 so far and expect to do more. They are heart wrenching, soul searching, uplifting Bible studies.

  21. Being able to study Esther and for free would be an amazing blessing right now!

  22. karen riggins says:

    Would love to use this to start an inhome Bible study in my area. What a great way to startout.

  23. Keri Ritenour says:

    It IS tough being a woman. This bible study would be great for our new church. In just a little over a year, we have grown from 6 people to over a 100. It is great to be a part of such an awesome church helping imperfect people and accepting them just as they are.
    This bible study would be a great way to bring the woman of the church together to help them grow through Christ.
    Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  24. Connie Schafman says:

    This study was SO learning! We totally got into each of her weekly themes and passed out little perfume counter sample with the tag, beauty is a treatment on them! I LOVED her poem that she wrote and read during each intro…each detail was so special THANK YOU BETH!!

  25. Sounds like a great resource! Would love to have it!

  26. Lorna Jones says:

    We LOVE Beth Moore because she LOVES Jesus so much & is a great Bible Study teacher. She opens our eyes to His working in our lives and how He has prepared us for the work He planned for us. He is a truly AWESOME GOD! Help us Jesus to be who you called us to be during this time ordained for us on this earth you created!

  27. Lara Harris says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  28. Betty Bailey says:

    What a blessing this would be! I am totally addicted to Beth Moore’s Bible Studies. They have changed my life!

  29. Raelene Munn says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  30. What a blessing to be able to study Esther this way…

  31. Good morning! I will be starting a military spouses bible study in the next two months and this would be an amazing way to get the group going!!! I would love to be the lucky lady to win this package for the amazing group of women I will be leading! Thank you and I hope everyone has an incredible weekend, God bless!

  32. Oooo how exciting!! I love Beth Moore! :)

  33. Would love to share a study with our church ladies. This year the ladies have had to share the costs to buy studies because of budget cuts.

  34. Brenda Powell says:

    We have heard it is an incredible study. Thank you for your blessing us in this way!

  35. Janet Amos says:

    Esther study is life changing.

  36. This looks fantastic – I’m part of a fantastic inter-church mums and toddlers group that always uses studies for the mums, and we also have a women’s ministry at church. Would love to be able to use this resource!

  37. Would share this with Real Women of Coastal Church in Daphne, AL.

  38. Donna Shuler says:

    Would love to donate this to Temple
    Baptist Church. Thanks for a chance to win.

  39. Blessings to you for offering your heart on the pages for all of us to share!!

  40. ….would love to have this study tool….thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Thank you for the chance to win! Love Beth Moore Studies!

  42. Would love to be able to share the Esther study!

  43. Doreen Hall says:

    I would love to add this bible study to our churches library. I did it a few years ago but would love to do it again!

  44. Would love this for a mom’s group to do this summer!!

  45. Gail Angelini says:

    I love doing ANY Beth Moore. She keeps me in His word. I love how in depth they are. I find myself saying, wow, I didn’t realize that.

  46. Leah Cooksey says:

    this looks awesome

  47. Would definitely love this, can’t afford it and would love to lead this study.

  48. Thank you, Beth is really inspiring. I loved Daniel.

  49. Deborah Jones says:

    I would love to have this study. I really enjoy Beth Moore.

  50. Would love to win this for our women’s ministry!

  51. This was such a great study when we first did it three years ago. We borrowed it from another church. I’d love to have our own copy so we could do it again!

  52. Kathy Martinez says:

    This is a great study. Just moved to a new state and would love to do this with some young women I have met.

  53. Shirley Davis says:

    I love Beth Moore! She is a very awsome teacher and woman of God. I recently completed the study of David and it was very life changing. I have never heard of this site eaither, so I will be visiting here offten. Iwould love to win the Easter study. I’m sure it will even more life changing.

  54. I would love to have this Bible Study. Beth Moore’s studies have hugely blessed me every time I’ve done them that I plan on passing them along to others as well. Everyone should do one!

  55. Esther is such a great account of a woman simply following where God was leading, listening to wise counsel, and making brave decisions. “For such a time as this” remains a powerful phrase.

  56. I have been to two live simulcast events with Beth Moore and I absolutely love her style of teaching. I would be so tickled to do this bible study with a group of girls from church. I know we would all benefit greatly!

  57. charlotte Miller says:

    Our women group would like to study Esther and getting it free would make it possible.

  58. Patti Hansen says:

    I heard this study is fabulous. Our small group is just beginning Living Free Study – would love to have this be our next in line!

  59. Thus a great Bible study and it would be awesome to have to share with those who haven’t had the chance to do it yet!

  60. Sherrie Phillips says:

    Greatly appreciate Beth’s encouragement and insights from God’s Word.

  61. Paula Jones says:

    Beth Moore has a God-given gift to reach deep into the hearts of woman everywhere and share the Word of God. She opens our hearts and minds and educates us in ways we’ve never been taught before and our lives are forever changed upon completing one of her studies. May GOD continue to guide and Bless her in all her endeavors

  62. Love this! Would love to be able to share with the church.

  63. Wow, I have heard so many wonderful things about this study! I have been thinking of starting up a Bible study for other young adult women in my church and my community…this resource would for sure help get it started! :]

  64. Candace Kuykendall says:

    Would love to have this!!

  65. I would love to have this study so that I could start a Bible Study group in my area for Women. What a great way to introduce some ladies to the “Word of God”

  66. Sherrie Phillips says:

    Greatly appreciate Beth’s encouragement and insights from God’s Word.

  67. patricia lucas says:

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! It could be to such good use in our church. We are starting a women’s group and what better resource than this?!

  68. Rhonda Russell says:

    I have only done one Beth Moore study a long time ago, and would love to do more!!!

  69. Sharae Crouch says:

    I would LOVE to win this for my church ladies!!!

  70. I did Beth Moore’s “I believe in God” study years ago in college and absolutely loved it! I teach middle school girls at church and would love to do a study with them on Esther or with my women’s Bible study group.

  71. I’m doing James right now, and LOVING it. This would be a great one to do next! :)

  72. Ana French says:

    Love Beth Moore studies & think that Esther was an amazing woman. Hope you don’t have too hard of a time picking a winner!

  73. Debbie Manthe says:

    It would be really neat to have this as I have not participated in the study yet. Beth Moore is a very gifted author and Bible Study teacher/speaker. Thank you for offering this kit to someone who will be blessed beyond measure. :-)

  74. I love Beth Moore Bible studies and would love to do the Esther study!

  75. Aimee Bobbitt says:

    I LOVE Beth Moore and her studies are amazing!! My bible study group has been discussing possible future studies, and Esther was on that list:) I would love to share/donate this study with my home church, their financial resources are very limited and I know my church family would be blessed by this study!!

  76. Keri Ritenour says:

    It IS tough being a woman. This bible study would be great for our new church. In just a little over a year, we have grown from 6 people to over a 100. It is great to be a part of such an awesome church helping imperfect people and accepting them just as they are.
    This bible study would be a great way to bring the woman of the church together to help them grow through Christ.
    Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  77. I’d love to win this study!! I know it would bless me and my girlfriends! God bless.

  78. I love this study and completed it at just the right time in my life, when I needed God’s guidance “for such a time as this”. I would love to be able to share this study with other women!

  79. Amanda Lange says:

    I really want to do this study! I would love to receive this!

  80. Oh how exciting!! I would love to do this study and with my Saturday morning group of ladies!

  81. Would love this study!!

  82. Please enter me. I’d love to win it.

  83. I would love to get into this study with some young women in my family who have not commited to christ yet.

  84. Loved this study when my church offered it. Would love a personal copy so I could do it in my home with neighbors!

  85. Silvia Arvelo says:

    I did this study in a small group and it’s amazing!!! Now that I have the opportunity to lead the women’s ministry at our church would love to bring it to them as a weekend retreat!!!!

  86. This is a great study. We have many opportunities to loan our studies to small churches. This is one we get many requests for, but we don’t have. It would be a blessing to share!

  87. Our ladies would thoroughly enjoy this study. They’ve mentioned wanting to study the life of Esther and this would be perfect.

  88. This would be awesome as a gift for a women’s group I know!

  89. Marcia A Calhoun says:

    I would so love to have this study! and Free would make it possible!

  90. I would love to be able to do this study! I can’t afford this so winning it would be awesome!

  91. Love Beth Moore’s Studies

  92. I would be blessed to win this great gift…to live out Esther 4:14…”for such a time as this.” I have been desiring to bring a woman’s Bible study to our very small church that ministers to hurting people or to my home. Thank you for an opportunity such as this!

  93. Wow! What a great opportunity! Beth’s studies have always been a blessing to me. Thank you for the chance to win something so wonderful! God bless!

  94. I would love to own this study!!! What an amazing giveaway!

  95. I would love to own this study!!! What an amazing giveaway!

  96. Thank you for the opportunity to enter – how I would love to be able to share the Esther study!

  97. Kristine Toone says:

    Ooo, we have an amazing little group of moms that meets on Sunday nights – we would Love to experience this study!! My fingers are crossed!!

  98. My daughter and her husband have started a church plant this would be and awesome study for there small tuesday morning group!Blessings to all of you!!

  99. Cindy McCord says:

    Would love to win this for my ladies bible study class. We have done a couple of Beth’s studies and loved each one!

  100. Jessica Culp says:

    HI! Now THIS would be awesome. I have heard about this study and how great it is. Pick me!!

  101. Would love to win! Thanks for hosting these giveaways!

  102. don’t you want to pick me? :-) Loves and thankns.

  103. Katherine says:

    I would love to see us be able to do a Beth Moore study with the women in our church and community. It would be such a blessing to us.

  104. Shannon Rizzo says:

    Love Beth Moore! Would really enjoy doing this study.

  105. kimberlee says:

    It’s been too long since I’ve done a Beth Moore study. I’d love to lead this at my church.

  106. I hear about these Beth Moore studies in Sunday school but never did one…I think it’s about time!

  107. I have always loved the story of Esther. When I was a little girl I wore out a storybook of her. I would love to delve into her story as an adult and see what God can teach me now.

  108. Ginny Sweeton says:

    I love Beth’s Bible studies. I have learned so much from them. I would love to have this one!

  109. My girl friends and I work at a Christian preschool. During the summer we get together and do a bible study. This would be an amazing study for us. Last summer we did Ruth. I thank God for studies like this. They really help me navigate my way through the bible.

  110. Great study! Thanks for the opportunity!

  111. Angela Molina says:

    All I have to do is comment and I will be entered into the drawing? If so, that’s pretty awesome! Thanks for all you guys do! Just finished up James last night :)

  112. Nancy Cribbs says:

    Love Bet Moore…would love to share with my Ladies small group

  113. To win this study would mean I could share it with a wonderful group of ladies in my choir! What a blessing that be for us all!

  114. I mentor a group of young women @ university where I work–this would be a GREAT resource to use-we all LOVE Beth Moore!

  115. Would love to be able to lead this for the women in my church!!

  116. I would love this for my ladies group at church. We all love Beth Moore!!!

  117. Brenda Blackwell says:

    We actually have this video in our church library, but I would love to be able to give a copy to some Romanian friends who have just started a study group at their church nearby.

  118. Stephanie says:

    I would SO love to win this study! Our church family would enjoy it!

  119. Sandy Keesee says:

    Would love to lead this Bible study!

  120. Rebecca McNeish says:

    Ohhh, Ester, excellent I have heard. Would love to do this study with a women’s group. Randomly pick me please. God is good all the time.

  121. Oooh I would love this!!! I want to learn more abt Esther. :)

  122. Kellye Ceder says:

    I would love to win this study. I was so blessed to see Beth Moore live in San Antonio a couple of years ago. My mom and I really re-connected after many years there.

  123. Would love to facilitate this study with the ladies at church.

  124. Lena Katz says:

    We would love to do this study at our intercity church.

  125. Karen Hardin says:

    I love my Journey and freak out if they run out at church before I can get one. I also love Beth Moore and would LOVE to win this gift. Thank you for the opportunity to enter for such a NICE gift!

  126. Carla Paton says:

    Would love to win this one!

  127. I LOVE diving into God’s word with Beth Moore’s wonderful studies! I would LOVE,LOVE, LOVE the opportunity to work through this studies with some awesome sistas! And who doesn’t love “the RED book”?!? :)

  128. JoAnn McMillan says:

    I have completed several of Beth Moore’s studies and they are wonderful. Many ladies in my church would also benefit.

  129. LOVE Beth Moore. And her Esther Bible Study is a great one! If you haven’t had the opportunity to study this one, it’s a definite must!

  130. Terry Petty says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the Esther Bible Study. I would use it for our church’s Wednesday night Women’s Bible Study and loan it to others to use.

  131. I just finished Beth’s Bible study “Breaking Free”. I would love to get the ladies together at my small church and study this one.

  132. Davina Tate says:

    I absolutely love Beth Moore and I’ve had the pleasure of leading three of her studies, I would be thrilled to have the Esther Sudy!

  133. Elizabeth says:

    Beth Moore is an awesome teacher. She has such a way of explaining the bible that touches me.

  134. I love Beth Moore and have not yet done Esther. I’ll bet it’s a great one.

  135. This would be an amazing gift to share with small group

  136. Susann Altman says:

    I would LOVE to win this bible study kit! I love Beth Moore studies!!

  137. This would be great for the ladies in our church plant!

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