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We value you, and we value your insights that help us publish better products and events. This feedback request is for those of you who have gone through the Bible study, Duty or Delight, by Tammie Head.
We published six free videos that can be found here on LifeWay.com
We would like to know if you and/or your study group used these videos. Please take a minute to post a comment answering these questions:
1. Did you know about the videos?
2. Did you use the videos?
3. Did you find them helpful? Why or why not?
Thanks much!


  1. Nancy in Birmingham says

    As the facilitator, I watched the videos from home but honestly didn’t think they added a whole lot to the study. We just discussed our reading and questions each week.

  2. Kimberly Mason says

    sadly, i don’t think we knew about the videos, but we did the study soon after the book was released – were they not yet out? we love video driven studies so i feel sure we would have wanted to watch them had we known they existed. You probably know this, but we almost always choose a video driven study when doing a study with a large group of women. that is just what they seem to prefer. this study was done by me and one other friend over last summer. i know we are missing out on some really great studies, so i’ll work on our ladies! 😉 thanks for all you do! blessings! kimberly

  3. Janae says

    Yes, we knew about the videos and used them each week prior to our lessons. They were just a nice touch without making the study dvd driven.

  4. Theresa Reekers says

    Yes, we did use the videos. They did not add much to the study. However, it was really nice getting to know Tammie a bit more.

  5. jolene says

    Yes we used the videos- they just added a nice touch to our evening and ‘prepped us’ for going home to do our homework…. but didn’t add any teaching. It was sooooo nice to have a non-DVD, affordable study to use. Thank you!

  6. leslie gardner says

    imy women’s bible study group just finished Beth’s study on the book of james mercy triumphs, and it was wonderful! i recommend it to all! i just wanted to say thank you to Beth and Melissa for all the work that went into it! we were all touched! and inspired to put our faith into action! thank you again gals! you are truly a blessing! we hope to see you when you come to ca. in october! sincerely, leslie gardner

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