Women’s Ministry Q/A: As a Woman’s Leader…Am I Moving at God’s Direction?

Recently at a YOU Lead women’s leadership training, we had a panel of leaders answering questions submitted by attendees. Several past and upcoming posts address those and try to help answer them. 

Today’s question is: In addition to prayer, how do you affirm whether you are moving down a path to which God has called you or if you are “seeing” affirmation because it’s what you want to do?

Wouldn’t it be nice if always, the handwriting was clearly on the wall and addressed personally to us by name?  But, if that’s the way God worked, I wonder if we would truly seek Him and study His Word for direction?

You might want to read this post from January 6, Women Finding Their Calling. Next, I’d do several things in addition to prayer:

 1.    Specifically ask God if He is leading you in this way.

2.    Confirm what He is telling you with Scripture.

3.    Ask the advice of godly women in leadership who know you and who will pray for you.

4.    Be in accountability with someone who will pray you through this decision.

5.    Don’t barge the doors down. God will open them, you will not have to beat them down!

6.    If you notice doors opening, ask God to confirm your next step. Even ask Him to close the door very obviously if it’s not what you should do.

7.    Continually seek to know HIM primarily, not just seek to know the answer.

8.    Know that sometimes God may open a door that doesn’t work out the way you thought. But if He opened and you obediently followed, then He may have something to teach you even if it is a difficult journey or if the door later slams shut.

9.    Continue to trust Him fully as you learn all He has for you as you seek His call daily as well as in the bigger picture of ministry!



Is God Calling Me, Jeff Iorg

The Power of the Call, Henry T. Blackaby & Henry Brandt

Beautifully Gifted: Equipping Today’s Women for the High Calling of God, Angela Bisignano

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