Lisa Harper’s ‘My Abundance’ Video!

I’m still working on my Abundance video for 2012 for our LifeWay Women contest! Remember that the entry deadline is January 13th and we will announce the winners on our live Webcast on January 24th.
Its really simple to do as you’ll see from Lisa’s video. Try not to be distracted by the camera on her head. I’d love to see the video she is shooting with THAT camera as she flies down the mountain on skis. Enjoy her video.

I hope Lisa has a few words left to use as she emcees our 4 Abundance events in 2012! Go Lisa Go! And pray she doesn’t break anything out there on the slopes!
Can’t wait to see your videos! Click here to submit them. More fun videos to come in the next week so stay tuned!


  1. Irma Wall says

    Dear Ms Harper,
    As John the baptist is preaching in the wilderness; Dr. Luke accounted of these days, wrote that the way he spread Good News to the multitude, was crying out to prepare the way for the Lors’s coming. Soldiers, and tax collectors came to him, asking how to establish a serious relationship with God, let’s see John’a answer: “Whoever has to tunis GIVE to the one whoe has none, and likewise food” Luke 3:2-17. John didn’t encourge them to FIGUTARIVE give, in order to gain God’s favor.
    Greetings my Dear Siter!

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