Free Friday Giveaway – Kelly Minter

We’re ending the year on a big note with an incredible giveaway. We’re giving away a Living Room Series Set by Kelly Minter. This includes all three of her studies: No Other Gods, Ruth: Loss, Love and Legacy, and the Loss, Love and Legacy CD.
I’ve just finished both of these studies and they are AMAZING. Seriously amazing. Kelly Minter is so incredibly gifted and her writing is engaging and compelling. You will definitely want to check her out if you haven’t already.
All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment letting us know how you’d use the Bible study if you win. Are you doing a Spring study at your church? Maybe at your house?
We’ll close comments on Tuesday morning and use to select a winner. The winner will have five days to get back with us to collect their prize.
That’s it! Have fun.
Happy New Year! We’ll see you in 2012.


  1. Cindi says

    I would love to use this to draw my daughter into women’s bible study. I has been such a blessing in my life and I want her to experience the same blessings.

  2. says

    I lead women’s bible studies in my home. I would use this in my home, and also offer it to the women’s ministry at my church.
    Blessings and thank you for all the wonderful giveaways this year!!!!

  3. Amanda says

    I would love to use this as a bible study at my church. We have a Monday night bible study every week & I think it would be awesome. I would also like to use it for me and my mom. She has been struggling and not really knowing the Lord and I believe by my actions and words of going to church & what I’m learning I believe she’s starting to come around! She said she wanted to start goin to church! Praise the Lord!!

  4. says

    I would use it to host a Bible study in my home this upcoming summer…or maybe even get together online with my friend around the country and get together with our webcams.

  5. says

    I’d love to win and share! As a women’s ministry consultant, I’m constantly looking for studies and resources to share with others, not to mention leading studies at my home church. I lead a morning study group filled with leaders from many area churches, who often work through a study together and then take the same studies to their own churches for their women. I’d love to be able to share!

  6. Marie Thompson says

    I would share these studies with about 20 ladies in the group I facilitate at my church. My daughter and I would also do them at home. Thanks for what you do!

  7. Mary Tullila says

    I’ve been thinking about starting a book club/bible study here in our apt. complex this coming year. THis prize pkg would be PERFECT.

  8. says

    I have a group of teen girls that I would love to do a summer study with. God has really pressed into my heart how much I love investing in the lives of teen girls! I would then share them with my women’s ministry at my church! This spring my church is doing Beth Moore’s David Study and I can’t wait

  9. Julie Taylor says

    I would love to win a bible study for my church. We have a lot of groups that meet at the church and in homes. We just opened up our small group made up of women in our music ministry to the entire choir and orchestra. I’m so excited to see our group grow!!

  10. Betty M says

    I would love to start up another Bible study for gals who work or have young families and cannot make other studies. I have been going to a neighborhood study for years and am contemplating starting another. I buy alot of studies of Beth Moore’s etc just to keep personally and share with other groups. A way of reaching others without necessarily facilitating every one myself. It i samazing how many are reached even when you can not physically be there.

  11. Shelli says

    I host a group in my home called a Life Group. It’s a group from church and we have a lot of newer Christians who attend. This would be a wonderful way to help strengthen the member’s walks as well as my own. As you know, we’re all constantly learning!

  12. Kristin W says

    I would use this study with my small group women (moms of young children) that currently meet for coffee and bible study every other Monday evening. Would be awesome because we are always looking for new ways to draw near to God!

  13. Kristin W says

    I would use this study with my small group women (moms of young children) that currently meet for coffee and bible study every other Monday evening. Would be awesome because we are always looking for new ways to draw near to God!

  14. Barb says

    Well, I don’t know how well this will go over…….I haven’t been to church in quite awhile…..and Christians in general now aggravate the hell out of me.
    I would listen to it myself and hope for some spiritual food.

  15. Tara says

    This sounds like an amazing way to end the year!! How cool!! I would so love to win this and share it with my Saturday morning bible study ladies!! :)

  16. Geri Dietz says

    I would donate this bible study series to my church “Colonial Baptist Church” Cary NC, they have awesome womens bible studies and retreat and could always be blessed by these series.

  17. Rachel Whitmore says

    I would use this for our Bible study group at church. We meet on Thursday nights and these studies would be a major blessing for our church!

  18. Geri Dietz says

    I would donate this to my church Colonial Baptist Church in Cary NC,
    They have wonderful studies and events for women. and this would be such a blessing

  19. says

    I meet on a regular basis with a group of women from my church for coffee and fellowship. We have been looking for a good way to study God’s word during our time together. This will be a perfect way to add the study of God’s word to our gatherings for 2012.

  20. Rachel Baines says

    I would like to start a ladies Bible study in my home. I am a stay at home mom, and though I am very involved in my church, I am needing more interaction with other sisters in Christ.

  21. Kim says

    Hi, I would love to win and share! We are getting group bible studies going in our church for our new Life Group session starting in February. Now that we have a building for our new campus (our other campus is portable), we finally have a place where we can meet that is bigger than someone’s living room. We have so many new people who are unchurched and unfamiliar with church culture that have not been through any bible studies like this, this would be a great resource to start discipling. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  22. Diane says

    I would give it to friends who work overseas in a very difficult context closed to the word to bless the women serving there.

  23. Monika says

    As the leader of my church’s Adventure Through the Bible Series for Women’s Ministry I am always looking for new studies and actually trying to find those studies that appeal to the target range of 23-33 which is the age group that God has placed on my heart, Kelly’s studies lean right into that sweet spot! Would love to have a collection to use with them!

  24. Q.' says

    I’m always looking for an AMAZING Bible study to share with other women. My daughter and her friends would love this! Me too!
    Thanks so much! Many prayers of blessing on you and your ministry this year! May He work in you and through you for the Father’s glory. Q.’

  25. Tawnya McMorris says

    I would use this to start a new Ladies Bible study in our church. We are a new church & do not currently have a study going. :)

  26. Kathleen Morris says

    I would love to have this set for our Mothers of Preschoolers group. We started a bible study this fall with a mothering themed study that we could barely afford. But I would really like our next study to be directly in the Word, and free would be fantastic! I adore Kelly’s studies and think they would be perfect for our format as well as so relevant to our audience.

  27. Kelly Sims says

    I would like to start a study for a group of women who can meet after work. Our current Women’s program happens during the work day. Thanks!

  28. Diane says

    I am the women’s ministry coordinator at my church and I have just attended a YOU LEAD training in Pensacola. Much of what I heard pertained to building relationships with the college age and high school girls in order to get and keep them rooted in Christ. That has so become my vision for 2012. I would use Kelly’s materials to have a bible study with these girls in my home or at church.

  29. Kerrie Landreth says

    I would love to have these studies. I have been contemplating starting a bible study with some of my friends, These would give me a great start. Plus I love the story of Ruth. I would also share them with my church on hope that more women could use them. I also have friends at different churches who lead bible studies. We could all use them. Just pass them around town. :-)

  30. Theresa Bolthouse says

    I love to have Bible Studies in my home and that is what I would use this study for. I saw that someone else wants to use it as a study with her mom, which totally inspires me as well! Thanks for offering this gift!

  31. Theresa Bolthouse says

    I love to have Bible Studies in my home and that is what I would use this study for. I saw that someone else wants to use it as a study with her mom, which totally inspires me as well! Thanks for offering this gift!

  32. Pat says

    I was just thinking this morning, that I need to commit to a Bible study–for myself and to invite women to my home. Nothing profound to say beyond that. These two thoughts coming together on the same day tell me to pay attention to the Holy Spirit!

  33. Tiffany says

    I would use this study to launch our Singles Ministry in the New Year with the newest converts of young adult women from my church.

  34. Ellen Roth says

    I would use these studies in my Ladies’ Group that I facilitate. We usually do Beth Moore’s studies, but since she recommends Kelly’s studies, I’d love to do one of hers! We have 42 ladies signed up for the James study this winter.

  35. Donna Mash says

    Our church is doing a study this spring but havent decided which one. We’re a small church and would love to win a study to add to our women’s library. We love Lifeway materials.

  36. Charlotte says

    I have done a couple of Kelly’s studies on my own and loved them. I would like this set for my ladies at church. We are needing something good for a spring study.

  37. Christy says

    I enjoyed her “The Fitting Room” study/book and would love to utilize these for our church. As a small church, resources are sometimes harder to come by, but these sound perfect for the ladies.

  38. Cheryl Hangsleben says

    We have a Wednesday evening Bible study that has been going for over 10 years … we always endeavor to have new and fresh studies in our group. I would love to have this to share with this group of ladies.

  39. Melissa B. says

    What a great giveaway!! I would use these to have bible studies in my home and then donate them to my church library!!!!

  40. Lisa Cusenza says

    We haven’t had a women’s Bible study for some time now and this would be a great way to start up a new one.

  41. says

    I’d love to use this with a group of fellow Army spouses. I have a semester to go here in Germany and then will be moving somewhere else, so the studies could be used over and over with new groups of women!

  42. Melanie Stevens says

    I love to have small Bible Studies – 4-8 girls who get together in homes every week or two. Kellie’s studies are great. Such great insight into the Word of God.

  43. Tabitha says

    I would love to win this!! I would use it for small group studies in my home and at church as well. For some time now, I thought it would be nice to have a weekly night study to offer as we only have ones during the morning..which doesn’t work well with us working women : )

  44. Janice says

    Kelly is a great Bible teacher and musician. This Ruth study is one of my all time favs. I have done these studies, but I would love to win and share with my nieces who are busy young moms with small children.
    Thank you.

  45. d says

    I lead a ladies bible study at my church and I’d use it there, I’d also like to use it in my home and invite neighbors.

  46. Joy Zadoorian says

    I would love to be able to share this study with the women’s leadership of church so that they could review it and recommend it for the women’s bible study in the fall. I personally would love to receive the study written by someone who is a close friend of my favorite speaker and author, Lisa Harper.

  47. says

    I would use it for a Sunday morning study for the ladies of our church. I am toying with the idea of holding a home study in my apartment complex. These studies look awesome!

  48. Kristen Whitaker says

    Just looked at these studies a few days ago!! I would use them for a new women’s bible study on wednesday nights at my church! I love to save money, so free is always good! Kristen

  49. Levieta H says

    I would use it in a study at home with my two daughters and then share it with the gal friends when our gals day is back on.

  50. Chris says

    About five years ago someone introduced our small (about 5 women) Bible study group to Beth Moore’s DVD studies. Since that time we have grown to about 30 women who are hungering for God’s word. We have now used studies by Priscilla Shirer, Jennifer Rothschild, and Kay Arthur. Who knew there were so many women teaching women out there?
    I would love to introduce ‘my ladies’ to Kelly Minter in a Spring Bible study.

  51. says

    I have been spending so much time focusing on my children’s spiritual growth, that I have allowed my personal in-depth study to take a back seat. I need to make changes in 2012. There is a fabulous small group of ladies that I have been in and out of, and I KNOW they would LOVE to join me in these studies! I have one of the workbooks and loved her style! Thank you for the chance!!!!

  52. says

    I would use these with the ladies in our church plant. We would probably do it in someone else’s home, since my four children might be a distraction!

  53. says

    I meet with two sweet group of ladies that I love dearly. ONe of my groups meets in the school year and the other one in the summer. So I would share with both groups. We are serious about loving each other and keeping each other in the word. This would be a wonderful addition. Happy New year!

  54. says

    I would love this!!! I would definitely use it first maybe with my family/friends in small group or probably just go ahead and see about using it with the ladies at Church :) Either way I’d LOVE to use it :)

  55. Nancy Owen says

    The women in my church would love to do Kelly’s studies. We’ve done Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and others, but not one of Kelly’s yet!

  56. Jeannie says

    I would use it for our women’s ministry at church and perhaps also for a neighborhood women’s bible study.

  57. Charlotte says

    I lead women’s small group Bible studies for our small church, with limited budget. Would be a tremendous blessing for our ladies!!

  58. says

    I’d give the set to a woman in our church. I’ve gone through both studies {and have the CD} and it is pure goodness. Such transformative studies. I was definitely a different person after finishing and that was over a year ago! :)

  59. Brenda Sanders says

    I am a PW, and I am wanting to start a women’s Bible study group this spring. The study would take place here in our home, and I know the ladies would enjoy it!

  60. Melanie says

    I would share these studies with my friends and my ladies study group at church. I hear these are great. thanks for the opportunity to win them.

  61. Geri Dietz says

    I would love to donate this to my church colonial Baptist church, we have been struggling with unemployment for 3 years which has taken its toll on our marriage and my own emotional, spirtual walk. Our church has been so wonderful and such a blessing, Counseling and encouragement. We are unable to tithe, or return a blessing, this would be a way to bless others.

  62. Robin says

    I would love to invite some women in my neighborhood to a study in my home. We are new to the area and this would be great way to meet and share.

  63. says

    We have a Bible Study group from work and this would be PERFECT for us!!!! Kelly is such an incredible writer and I know her studies would be fantastic!

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