Revisiting regret

Last night I was hopping along a delightful little Internet rabbit trail, just sort of clicking from one link to the next with no real direction, and somehow I ended up watching this clip from one of Beth Moore‘s appearances on Life Today.
Oh, it was a timely word for me. I’ve actually had several conversations with a sweet friend about this very topic (r-e-g-r-e-t) lately, and I’m convinced that the enemy loves to keep our heads turned in the direction of our pasts to try to prevent us from seeing God’s plans for our future.
So, if you’ve ever struggled with rubbernecking on the road of your very own life – if you’ve ever been so preoccupied with looking back at old mistakes that your regret has interfered with your walk in victory in the present – take a few minutes to watch this video.

Here’s to a new response to those old regrets.
Amen and amen.


  1. Lesia says

    Thank you for posting this Sophie! I have struggled with this issue many times over the years. What a change of perspective when I turn my self-condemnation into thanksgiving and praise for His forgiveness! Sounds like the perfect way to start the New Year!

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