Just Because . . . A James Bible Study Kit giveaway!

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This giveaway is for any of you who would like to donate this Bible study kit to a church who doesn’t have it yet and may not be able to afford it. You may also donate it to a charity such as a women’s prison ministry. Post in the comment field, what church you would donate this kit to and why. I can only choose one this time, using random.org. We’ll take comments until noon CST on Tuesday, December 20th and post the winner on Wed. morning.
This giveaway is now closed.
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  1. says

    Hello and thanks for this great giveaway. I would donate it to Harvest Bible Chapel Columbus. We are a new church (1 year old) and our Women’s Ministry is just getting started. I would love to put this study in our library. God has really used the Book of James in my own life and I would love to see how this study could transform the lives of the women in our church. Thank you.

  2. Rachel says

    I would donate the study to my church in Taipei, Taiwan— Calvary International Baptist Church. We’ve been doing Beth Moore studies in my city for 9 years…and there’s a core group of ladies here who would just LOVE to get their hands on this study. Honestly, our church has a very limited supply of Bible study materials. Usually, churches share Bible studies—we pass them on when we’re done with them. So we borrow most of our material from other churches.

  3. says

    I would donate this to Open Arms Fellowship- it is a rural home church with about 25-30 members. Their ladies group is 8-10 ladies and would cherish this study.

  4. says

    What a great idea for a contest! I know exactly who I’d give this to. There’s an inner city mission who will be starting Breaking Free soon. It’s the first Beth Moore study they’ve done. I’d love to give them the opportunity to do more…and on a repeated basis by starting their own collection of studies instead of relying on borrowing studies from others. Blessings!

  5. Melissa Satterfield says

    I would donate this study to my own church. We used to buy all the Beth Moore Bible studies but they are no longer in the budget. Now when women at our church want to do a Beth Moore study we have to go to another church in the area who is offering the study.

  6. LisaCurtis says

    I would donate this study to my church. Maybe not the neediest church but our small town knows we keep a good inventory of studies.

  7. Amy L. Norman says

    I would donate this kit to Serenity Shelter which is a secure shelter for battered women and their children. This ministry is part of Knox Area Rescue Ministry here in Knoxville, TN., and their mission statement is “Mending Broken Lives in Jesus name.”

  8. Ellen Roth says

    I have bought the James study for our Ladies Group, so if I would win, I would donate it to a friend who is not from this area so her ladies group could do it as well!

  9. says

    I would give this study to Compass Church’s new church plant in Surprise, AZ. They are just getting started (still in the planning stages for a February launch date) and the ladies would LOVE this study!

  10. Nichole Cornelius says

    I would like to donate this study kit to Point of Mercy in East Nashville, TN. We serve the women from the Nashville Women’s Shelter and they would benefit greatly from this study.
    I am truly amazed how God is transforming their lives. This study would allow them to go deeper with their relationship with Him and help overcome any strongholds in their life.

  11. Tracey J. Brown says

    I absolutely love Beth Moores’ Bible studies. I was called to the Ministry last spring, and started back to school at OCU. I absolutely love it, and I am so excited so see what God is doing in my life!

  12. sheila says

    I would love for our church to have this study. Hess Road Wesleyan Church, Appleton, NY 14008.
    In God’s Love, sheila

  13. says

    I would donate this to the Shippensburg Church of God – their women’s ministry just loves Beth Moore and this would be a blessing to the entire congregation.

  14. Brenda Harris says

    I would like to donate the James Bible Study to the Sidney Evangelical Free Church in Sidney, Nebraska. A big percentage of our women in our church and our community are huge fans of Beth Moore and we do many, many Bible Studies of yours Beth. James would be an excellent resource to add to our Church Library where these studies can be checked out for use to the ladies. Thank you for your generosity in donating a James Study to a church that has been selected. God Bless You.

  15. says

    I would like to donate this Bible study to a local homeless shelter, called the Haven that we have gotten involved with. It holds families together and I think it would be awesome to lead this study with the mothers in that shelter!

  16. David McGAHEE says

    would give this to Victory Baptist Church in North Augusta, SC, For Clyde Dye to use in her ladies bible study group. My wife has learned so much from your studies under Clyde’s direction. God bless!

  17. Brenda Harris says

    I would like to donate this study of James to the Sidney Evangelical Free Church in Sidney, Nebraska. It would be a welcome addition to our church library where women can check out Bible Studies to lead. We have several Beth Moore Studies but James is not among that collection. Thank you for your kindness Beth. Whatever church is chosen will be blessed to have it in their possession.

  18. Erin Baker says

    I would give it to my friend who runs a bible study every summer out of another friend’s “barn”. Typically over 100 women sign up every summer and we always do a Beth Moore Study. The women chip in $ if they can, but I know the leaders put a lot of their own $ into. itCheck it out…www.barnbiblestudy.com!

  19. Cathy Deringer says

    Thank you so much for your dedication to ministry. We have done several Beth Moore studies and attended her conferences and loved it all. What a great encirager and inspiration. God Bless!!

  20. Paula Housholder says

    I would give this to my church, First United Methodist Church. Times are so tough for everyone right now, giving is down and being able to afford new materials is very hard! I would love to be able to give this to our women’s Sunday school class!!

  21. Nancy says

    I would donate to Good Shepherd, which is where I work. I keep telling the Bible Study ladies that they need to do a Beth Moore study!! But the price has been an issue. It would be awesome to gift them with one!!

  22. Denise Manges says

    I would love to win this kit to donate to our church, Community Grace Brethren Church in Everett, PA. Our ladies have done several of Beth’s Bible studies in the past and have loved each and every one! We are going to be using the one on Esther beginning in Feb. and are borrowing it. It would be great to have this one for our next study. Thanks! Denise

  23. Holly Clark says

    I would give it to my Home Church, Cheyenne Alliance Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We are a small church that operates on a modest budget. I operate on an even smaller budget – as a single woman raising my 5 year old grandson, Israel- and my Church Family has done soooo much for us, this would be an amazing gift to give back! Thank you. Can’t wait to do the James study with my Sisters in Christ!!!

  24. Katherine says

    Lancaster Evangelical Free Church. Why? Because their women’s ministry is unable to purchase it and lots of the women in the church would like to take this study!

  25. PAM GREENE says

    I would give to and do the study at the church I have attended for many years. Maranatha Bible Church, Webbville, KY. Some of our ladies have wanted to do a Beth Moore study for a long time. We could really use the refueling and refreshment that this study would give us.

  26. says

    If I won, I would give this Bible study kit to the ladies Bible study group at Catalyst Church. Catalyst is a church plant reaching lower middle class families. It is full of people who don’t have much as far as material possessions go, but they are full of Jesus and love Him so much! The ladies there would LOVE to receive this wonderful gift. :)

  27. Cassie Thompson says

    To Believer’s Bible Church, Pitkn, LA.
    We live in a very small town, but in the past few years drugs have overtaken our town. And with the increase in drug use comes the decrease in church attendance. The christians in my town are very discouraged and tired.
    So a bible study by Beth Moore especially on James would not only encourage the believers. But also remind us not to grow tired.

  28. sharon says

    What a joy it would be to be able to share this with a group of young adults that are so hungry to learn the Word of God! Some are struggling and trying to hang on but they are at times choosing the things of the world and not the ways of the Lord. We finished “Breaking Free” and have been praying about be able to purchase “Esther”
    The book of “James” would encourage their walk and help them to understand not just hearing, but living the Word of God.
    We just love Beth Moore’s studies. She always teaches truth and application. She is real, she shares her struggles and helps others see how important it is to ask the Lord to search our hearts.

  29. says

    I’d love to give this study to Luzira Women’s Prison in Uganda East Africa. I take a team in each year and minister to over 400 women. Many falsely accused, with no way out. These women rely heavily on the Grace of God to see them through extremely difficult times.
    This study would be a perfect way to instill belief that God cares for them, more than they’ll ever know.
    In His Service,

  30. Marianne Hedemark says

    I would love to be able to give this new study to Christ Church in Bluffton SC. It is a small start-up church which has no room in the budget for purchasing this study. We have a very active women’s group and also a night time bible study group. It would be SO AWESOME to be able to tell these ladies that we have the opportunity to do one of Beth’s studies! I KNOW they would be blessed!!! Thank you for this opportunity. (I hope you pick us!!! ) :-)

  31. Michelle Bloom says

    Western Avenue Family Ministry in Toledo Ohio. They are an inner city church reaching the poor and those whom society would rather forget. God loves them, and they are not forgotten!!

  32. says

    I’d donate it to my church! A women’s group is currently doing the Fruit of the Spirit one by Beth and it’s been great so James would be wonderful too. The women have been so encouraged by the group so it’d be great to continue.

  33. Sonja Headings says

    I would donate it to the Summersville Christian Church cause they are an awesome group of ladies that reaches out to others….it would be my thanks to the for opening up their hearts..even though they are a church in a very small town and don’t have a lot of resources to work with as some would have

  34. Tracie Geer says

    Hi there! I would donate this to Coulee City Assembly of God in Coulee City, WA for women’s ministries. It is a small church in a rural area that serves many women and families. They were so generous in lending me a bible study kit in the past and are wonderfully deserving of this blessing.
    Thanks for your consideration and blessings on your new study! Beth Moore studies have been a huge ministry tool in my life.

  35. cathy lindquist says

    I would like to win the James, Beth Moore study for my church’s womens bible study.We are a small growing church and our leader is Christy Detrude.James is one of my favorite books of the bible.We loved the Beth Moore Fruit of the Spirit.God Bless….Cathy

  36. says

    We have borrowed all the Beth Moore studies through the Baptist Association, because we could not afford them at our church. The Association does not have this study. We have a small church and right now we are hurting money-wise yet still trying to build up again.
    I have the workbook and already have gone through the study without the dvds. So, it would be a blessing if we could get them.
    With the Lord’s help, I have been leading the Bible studies and starting other things for the ladies, so this would be an encouragement to our church.

  37. says

    I would love to win this for Magna View Baptist Church because this is a small church that would love to have this study for their women and I know they would share with other small churches who can’t afford to purchase one. Thank you for the opportunity.

  38. Carol says

    Great giveaway! I would donate this to the small Methodist church we have been attending since we moved.

  39. Laura says

    I would like to donate it our Associational Office that way several churches that cannot afford it would have the opportunity of using it. Our Associational Office is the Ohio River Baptist Association in Salem, KY.
    Thank you for this chance,

  40. Debbie Miranda says

    I would donate it to Berea Church in Bolivia, South America where these studies are not available and the ladies are hungry for Bible study. They have learned & grown so much with the resources available to them up until this point.

  41. Deborah Ward says

    I would donate this study to my church, Wynndale Baptist church, Jackson, Ms- to not only be used by our members, but with our missions and to the women who we help just out of prison in a shelter.

  42. Dennis Phillips says

    If won, I would donate this study to my home congregation of East Colbert Church of Christ. We have such kind, Godly women who love to learn with Beth Moore’s studies.

  43. says

    I would LOVE to donate this study to our church Hesed Christian Fellowship in Columbus, OH. Our name means, “Loving Kindness.” And this small church is so giving….we mostly serve the inner city and are doing studies ALL the time. We ALWAYS make sure that individuals have their own books whether they can afford them or not. What a blessing to bless this church with the study of James. Thank You!

  44. says

    I would donate this study to Life Community Church. Our church just launched this August and our ladies really wanted to start this study in January. Our church shares studies usually and this would be a great for our ladies!

  45. Kelly Smith says

    Piney Grove Baptist Church is a country church in Trenton Ga and the women there LOVE Beth Moore! To be able to use this study would be an honor and blessing to a lot of women that cannot afford to attend a conference! Also, it can be used with and for the women inmates at Piney’s local jail ministry that meets every Tuesday! Piney also shares it’s Bible studies with missionaries that cannot afford to purchase studies! Pick us!!! :)

  46. Stephanie says

    I have been dying to start a women’s bible study group outside of church and want to do this one, but I don’t have 200 dollars to buy the kit. My idea was to invite several women from different churches and even women who do not attend church to form a unity and study together. Unfortunately I know a lot of women who have been turned off of churches because of certain things and I think it would be a great opportunity to get them in the Word and have an intimate group. :)

  47. Tammy says

    I would donate to my church, Unity Baptist. I would love to do this study with my Kindred Spirits! I love Beth’s studies and I know our ladies group would love it too!
    Such a wonderful give away!

  48. Rebecca says

    Pick me, pick me, oh please pick me!!! I would love to donate this to a missionary to Kenya, Africa that my church supports! They are on furlough right now, so they could take it back with them! They were at our church not long ago and the wife, whose name just so happens to be Kenya (she is from Indiana, isn’t that too cool??) was telling about some women believers that are there and love doing Beth Moore studies!!!

  49. Aubrey R says

    I would donate this to my church. They’re so great about getting Beth Moore studies for our women’s group, but it’s been a few years since we’ve gotten a new one and money is tight for every church. I and we would love to do this study. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Carole Romero says

    I would love to win this set for my church. Our church is small and has never had enough in the budget to buy the DVD’s and workbooks. In spite of that, I have led our women through almost every Beth Moore study. The ladies buy the workbook themselves and we go through each study word by word. It usually takes us at least a year to finish one study, but we love it!! They now want to study James next. We are just finishing up Living Beyond Yourselves. Beth Moore is such a wonderful bible teacher. She really makes it understandable and it goes right to our hearts and our heads!

  51. Julie B says

    I would love Lifeway to gift it to Grace Community Church (not affiliated with the Mega church by the same name) in Houston, TX. This sweet church has several women’s groups who would love to use it. In addition, these women participate in women’s small groups outside of the church to reach women in their circles who are wanting to create their own personal relationship with God and His word. This church is so giving and and good stewards with the resources God has given them to reach others for Christ. This study kit would be put to good use then gifted to another church who would keep this blessing going…
    Grace Community Church
    1021 Campbell Road
    Houston, Texas 77055
    Phone: (713) 465-4252
    Fax: (713) 465-1170

  52. Judy Rice says

    I would donate this to Life Connection Baptist Church, in Flowery Branch, GA. I would donate it because it is a small church who cannot afford a study like this. Thank you for offering this study. Merry Christmas.

  53. Geri Dietz says

    I would love to donate this to my church colonial Baptist Church of Cary, North Carolina. we have about 4,000 in our church family and this would be an amazing bible study to offer
    Thank You
    Geri Dietz

  54. Wynne Wages says

    I would donate this study to Lakeview Baptist Church in Auburn, Alabama. The study is in the budget, but the dinner for parents of special needs children that we are hoping to host in February is not. As a member of the Ladies ministry team, I would move the money for the study to the dinner.

  55. Dawn says

    I would donate it to First Baptist in Othello, Wa. We are a small church that enjoys doing Beth Moore’s studies. We have never been able to buy a kit and get the full benifit of her studies. There are many other small churchs in the area that we would be able to share this study with. It would be a blessing to many in the rural community.

  56. Emily Williams says

    I would like to donate this study to We Will Go Ministries in Jackson MS. This is an inner city ministry where people have dedicated to live in a low income, drug infested, crime central location to minister, serve and tell people about Christ. They hold a Sunday afternoon service every week, invite the locals to their homes for Bible study and prayer, run a clothing facility for those in need and generally dedicate their lives to transforming inner city Jackson. My husband and I have volunteered here and members of my women’s Bible Study have committed to mentor some of the women who have come to Christ. For our fall semester outreach we committed to starting a library for the ministry and have collected Christian books that will be donated for this purpose. We think it would be great if we could donate a copy to We Will Go Ministries for their new library! What a blessing of spiritual food to those who are struggling on a daily basis just to feed their families physically.

  57. Sherrell Gay says

    What a fabulous Christmas gift! I would be honored to share this with Rosemont Heights Baptist Church in Waynesboro GA. The Women’s ministry is just organizing and reaching out to the community. What a great study to bring all together.

  58. Barb Robinson says

    I would give this study to a group that left the church where I sometimes attend. I just think everyone should participate in this study of James.

  59. Joyce Mitchell says

    I would love to have this for our church. I teach one a year for the ladies of our church. Thank you for this opportunity.

  60. Jennifer says

    I would donate it to Macedonia Christian Church in Lexington, KY. It is a small church that could probably not afford the kit otherwise. It would be a huge blessing for the womens ministry.

  61. Sue Dowing says

    Pathway Fellowship’s Women have been faithfully studying the bible and Beth Moore’s studies have been a staple for us. We are a body of about 180 adults and with the economy as it is financing a study has fallen on the women within the group. Being able to study the book of James with the insight and research Beth has put in will bring this book to life in a new way for us with the power of the Holy Spirit our understanding will be magnified and we would be able to play the gift forward with another church within the body. We thank you for this opportunity and for reading this. God bless you and Merry Christmas and happy Holy-days.

  62. denise vick says

    i would donate it to MY church, Ruby Baptist Church, because the powers that be are soooooo tight with “their” money that they would never purchase the bible study. there are several of us who do a beth moore bible study on sunday morning and we either have to borrow one or purchase it ourselves.

  63. Carol says

    What a great giveaway!
    I would love to win for the small church we have been attending since we moved here.

  64. Jessica Ables says

    The women’s Ladies Life Group at my church would LOVE this! I would donate this kit to South Burleson Baptist Church and we would do this study this Spring sometime!

  65. Amy Johnson says

    Recently, my son and 4 other graduates from Central Bible College (Spfld, MO)have packed up and relocated blindly with God’s direction with a Church Plant in Seattle, WA.
    In addition to the church plant, his team’s ministry is creating a loving atmosphere in their homes for the homeless. I would love to offer this Study to his church – Transit Assembly.
    Also, please keep Transit in your prayers as they make an impack in peoples lives in Seattle.
    Thank you!

  66. Stephanie White says

    Westwood Community Fellowship in Miwaukie, Oregon would be whom I chose. I have been in prayer about our women’s ministry and how to get our ladies involved with one another in a deeper way. We desperately need to pursue our unity in Christ and feel this study will provide us the tools to begin that very thing!

  67. says

    I would give this to Sharps Corner Baptist Church on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, where my friends have gone to serve without “board/agency” commissioning and financial backing, just on faith and the support of friends. They have recently started a small women’s Bible study group.

  68. Kay says

    I would donate this to my church and we would do the study asap. We have already done several of Beth Moore’s studies.

  69. Sarah says

    I would love to win this for my church library. As of now, they have no Beth Moore bible studies, and a group of us get together to do her studies by taking a turn purchasing one. It would be a great way to have them there for others to use. The name is The Bridge Community Church in Bancroft, ON Canada. As we are just finishing up the David study we would start this one up in the New Year!!

  70. Lisa Thompson says

    I will donate this study to the Vancouver Chinese Alliance church in Canada. The ladies would love to do this study, but can not afford it.

  71. marita says

    I would love to win this for Maricopa Community Church in Maricopa, AZ. A small church with limited resources and a BIG heart!

  72. Tracey says

    I would donate it to New Life Christian Center in Kinsman, Ohio. As a new church (1-1/2yrs.)in a rural community, we are growing and continuously looking for new outreach opportunities to spread the Word of God. This would be a huge blessing for our the women of our church!

  73. says

    I would donate to my church LifeSprings Church, because our women have grown to know and love God more during our journeys through Beth Moore Bible studies. James is my favorite book of the Bible. I would love to travel through it with Ms. Beth and my LifeSprings sisters.

  74. LuAnn Wiederspan says

    Blessing to you all. It would be fantastic to be able to use this wonderful tool in our ladies bible class. Thanks for the opportunity.

  75. Karen Wade says

    I would LUV to win this James Bible Study, as our church is unable to fund our devoted Bible Study group of 12-14 dedicated women who cannot get enough of Beth Moore studies. We always have to borrow them from other churches, or just buy them ourselves, which is kind of a big amount, because we also each need to buy our own member book. But our group is determined to do all of the Beth Moore Bible Studies, and we will continue to get them any way we can, and getting one from YOU would be AWESOME! Thank you so much for this opportunity. Merry Christmas to all of you at Lifeway!
    Karen Wade

  76. Charlotte says

    I would donate to a new church plant in my hometown. It is called ‘The Village Church’ and they have been meeting for about 2 years. They have been meeting at a local YMCA; but now are moving into a renovated Moose Lodge. They don’t have money for things like this and they need all the help they can get. They are very loving people and we are grateful to be a part.

  77. Diane says

    I have friends who live in a closed country to the gospel. They already meet to do Beth Moore studies and I am sure they would be blessed by this new one. I would love to give them some extra encouragement in a tough place to serve the Lord.

  78. Chris Watson says

    I would donate it to The Church at Canyon Creek in Austin, TX. The ladies ministry has had budget cutbacks and this would be a huge blessing.

  79. MIndy says

    I would love to do this study ‘side by side’ across the pond, at my new church here in Germany-Destiny Church of Munich…while my church New Hope Haslett, ‘at home’ in Michigan starts it this winter. How cool would that be? I don’t believe any of my friends here are familiar with Beth’s studies..and I’m longing to do another one!! Thank you!

  80. Ashley says

    I would donate the study to my church, a new church plant called Glass City Church in Toledo. We are mostly a younger congregation and many of the women are craving Titus 2 women to come along side them to teach them how to be godly women.
    Thanks for the drawing!

  81. Michele says

    I would donate this to my local church. We are a small church, but we love to do Beth Moore Bible Studies! Thanks for this chance to win a free kit!

  82. Terra says

    I would give it to our ladies group at Open Arms Fellowship. We are a very small church and meet in the pastor’s home. Our funds are very limited. We make the best with what God has given us! We have been so blessed in the past from the many bible studies we have done. We have seen lives changed and are eager to see it again!

  83. Sue Wheeley says

    I would give this to Bledsoe Creek Baptist Church in Sumner Co. Tn. We have a small group of women hungry for the word. They would devour this study.We are a very small church so funding this study would most likly be out of the question.Thanks for the opportunity!!

  84. Marie says

    I would give the Bible study to Renovation Church in Buffalo, NY. It’s truly Christian Community Development at its finest.

  85. Cheryl LH says

    Our church, Charter Oak Community in Battle Ground, WA has many women intereted in participating in Bible studies but limited funds to purchase them. It would be wonderful to have the ability to share James with these ladies. Thank you!

  86. Jolee says

    I would donate it to Faith Church in Lansing, Mi. They have no budget for Women’s Bible Studies, although they have a devoted group of about 30-50. Usually some kind soul buys for the group. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!!

  87. Janae says

    What an amazing idea. If I won the study, I would donate it to my friend’s ministry, Spirit of St. Paul, which ministers to women in Pennsylvania prisons. So many of them have such vibrant walks with the Lord after such tough lives, that I know Beth’s teaching would bless and help them grow.

  88. Elizabeth Martindale says

    I would donate this study to DABC the Avenue of Hope. God’s blessings. Thank you Beth Moore for once again ministering to our souls.

  89. says

    I would donate this study to The Welcome House. It is a safe home in our community for battered women and their children. I know they would enjoy it and I can’t wait to dig into it myself.

  90. says

    I’d love to win this for my home church, Lee Street Memorial Baptist in Baltimore, MD. We are a smaller, mostly older congregation, but I feel God is poised to do big things this year! I’d love to have this Bible study as a resource.

  91. Brittany says

    I would love to win this for my home church in Prineville Oregon! We are trying to decide what study to start up in the new year and budget is a HUGE issue for our little community. Thanks!

  92. Brittany says

    I would donate this to my home church in Prineville, our women’s bible study starts up again next year and budget is a huge issue when trying to decide what study to use. Thanks!

  93. says

    I would donate this study to my parent’s church (Thee Evergreen Congregational Church of Coldspring, TX). They are a rural church that lack the resources for awesome video study sets, such as Beth Moore studies, and they have a group of women that get together to study scripture with what they do have. I think James would be a particularly good study for them as the outreach that the church does in the surrounding area often bring in curious families that experience great suffering without the understanding of mercy.