A message from Paige

First of all, you should know that when I first saw this video on Priscilla’s blog, it made me deeply, profoundly happy on a number of levels.
Second of all, I am tickled by the fact that Paige holds tightly to Jesus Calling throughout the video. She’s like an old-school Baptist preacher with the King James version of the Bible.
Third of all (apparently I am enjoying transitions today), let the LifeWay folks know if you’d like to see a Going Beyond event at your church or in your area. You can do that by leaving a comment on this post or leaving a comment on Priscilla’s blog.

Who knows? If there actually is a Going Beyond event in your town, we might could even persuade the GB girls (plus Paige) to sing a little song for you when they’re there.
Quite frankly I don’t know what greater incentive you could ask for.
Hope y’all are having a great week!


  1. Samantha says

    We would love to have you girls at Harrisburg Baptist in Tupelo, MS. We are the birthplace of Elvis Presley and home to some women who are passionate about Bible study and following hard after Christ.
    Y’all come see us!

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