Hola, mis amigas

Well, Melanie and I just got back to our respective houses after a week in Ecuador. It was a busy week, a hard week, an emotional week – and an absolutely incredible week. We spent four days in Quito, two in the Amazon, and as a result of those six days, I spent a significant chunk of yesterday afternoon trying to catch up on all the not sleeping we did while we were there.
I am happy to report that I accomplished a great many of my napping goals. Hallelujah.
One of the best parts of our trip was that Melanie and I both got to meet the Ecuadorian kids we sponsor through Compassion.
(You may have noticed that the Ecuadorian sunshine and I had a bit of a run-in.)
(Said run-in prompted me to abandon my SPF30 for Melanie’s SPF70, and I’m pretty sure that SPF70 saved me from all manner of sun-related pain and heartache in the Amazon.)
I’ll be spending the next few days playing catch-up to my life here at home. I have big plans to put the smack-down on laundry, to get caught up at work, to tackle my inbox and to hug my people as much as possible.
It’s great to be home again – and to be back to business as usual here at AllAccess. Hope y’all have a great week!


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