Women’s Ministry Q/A: Pouring into Your Women ‘s Leadership Team

Recently at a YOU Lead women’s leadership training, we had a panel of leaders answering questions submitted by attendees. Several past and upcoming posts address those and try to help answer them. 

Today’s question is: I have a team of ladies. They work , have families and serve a lot. We have monthly meetings and basically discuss events-plan, pray together, but 2 hours flies by. Where do I find time to build into and mentor my team members?



Leaders, pouring into your team should be one of your number one priorities. First we must care about the heart and soul of our leaders, otherwise we just focus on what they do in ministry. When we take the time to first shepherd and disciple them, then their leadership is based on who they are in Christ and what they do is the overflow of that walk with Him. As you build community within your leadership team, you develop a “family” who serves together for a greater common purpose that they couldn’t accomplish alone.

One thing my women’s minister does as we begin our 1 ½ hour meeting is to ask this question:  What is God teaching you right now? What’s He said to you this week?   She expects us to be growing as we are serving. She prays for and with us and sets the standard for being servant leaders.

A year or so ago at our annual leader retreat, we spent almost the whole time fasting and praying together.  This year we spent more time planning but still had that spiritual focus even then.

What I would suggest, is that you allow time each meeting to discuss spiritual things and provide a “word from the Word” to them, then perhaps you use a leadership book of some sort to read and share leadership skills and information.  Follow that with the planning.

Using an agenda, even including time slots, helps the team understand where you are going and about how much time will be spent on each item. If you need more time to discuss certain items, do that outside this meeting with maybe just one or two who serve on that part of the team.  Following up on email also cuts down on time spent in the meeting on certain items.

Another thing our women’s minister does for the team is to keep in touch between meetings by sending updates and inspirational thoughts. You can continue to share, mentor and pour into your team as you just share things God is teaching you, devotions that come to your inbox, or by texts throughout the week.

Keep in mind that one of your jobs as a team leader is to take care of the “small group” God has entrusted to you. You will truly earn respect and support and they will do most anything for you when they see you care about them spiritually as well as through their leadership and serving abilities.


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