The last You and Your Girl

Y’all, this weekend marks the end of an era. The last You and Your Girl Event featuring Vicki Courtney will be this Saturday, October 15th in Wylie, Texas.
You and Your Girl events began in 2006 and have been to 22 live locations and 68 simulcast locations. It’s reached over 18,000 moms/daughters live and countless others through the modern marvel of simulcast.
Daughter Hugging Mom.jpg
I had the opportunity to take my daughter Caroline to a You and Your Girl Event almost three years ago. She was a little young at the time, but we loved the experience of spending an entire day together focused on Christ. It was inspiring for me, the mom of a young daughter, to look around and see a church sanctuary full of women with their daughters taking a Saturday to make their relationship stronger.
Vicki brought encouragement and wisdom from the platform. She is the first to admit that it’s not always easy, but talked about the long-term rewards of hanging in there and protecting our daughters from the culture around them that wants to destroy them with lies. I know she has inspired so many women to seek Christ first as they raise their families and the You and Your Girl events will be missed.
It’s not easy raising kids today, but Vicki has given us some much needed perspective and advice from a mom who has lived through it.
We’d love to hear from you today if you’ve ever had the opportunity to attend a You and Your Girl Event. And we owe a huge THANK YOU to Vicki for her dedication and commitment.

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