From a Women’s Leader: Ministry and the Rest of My Life

juggle.jpgHow do you view your ministry life? Separate from the rest of life, or a part of the whole? I remember years ago when I was serving on a church staff in Tyler, Texas, a principle that God revealed to me: As Christians, we are either in full time ministry or we aren’t in ministry at all.   That was something He compelled me to share with other women from that time on.

Sometimes we feel guilty if we put family before ministry outside the home. Other times we feel like we are wasting time if we are just sitting in solitude. God created family, rest and recreation, and those are to be a part of our balanced life…a part of our “ministry calling”.

We cannot separate “ministry” from “life”. We have one life and it all involves ministry when we do it for His glory. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says, Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for God’s glory.” (HSCB) (see also Colossians 3:17)

Certainly leading women, serving in student ministry, and singing in the choir is ministry…but so is preparing a meal for my family, calling my loved one I haven’t seen in a while, and even spending time resting when it is what God has called me to do for that block of time.

Never forget, whatever family you dwell in the same home with is your ministry! If they see you always on the go doing ministry for others, but they do not feel they ever get your attention, they may become resentful toward the church. Family is the highest priority on our ministry list.

Start each day offering God the WHOLE day from the time our feet hit the floor until our head hits the pillow again. Allow Him to show you moment by moment how you are to minister…then your whole life you are living out that “ministry calling” whether it’s gardening with a friend, teaching a Bible study, taking a walk with your daughter, or counseling a woman in crisis.

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