What’s Happening Behind the Scenes?

The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy but really great! I thought I’d catch you up on what’s going on around here with LifeWay Women. We just finished taping a new Bible study by Kelly Minter. This will be the third in The Living Room Series. If you loved No Other Gods and Ruth, you’re going to love this one! It’s on the book of Nehemiah, taught like I’ve never heard it before.
Final Nehemiah Cover 005371581.jpg
Nehemiah will have the same fun elements of The Living Room series, with recipes, songs, but we’ll also include 20 minute videos each week and this study has a real “GO/Mission” element to it. So, get ready to be changed! It comes out February 2012. We’ll talk more about it as we get closer to release date.
We also had a fun time with Lisa Harper last week. Some of you may know Lisa Harper from our Women of Faith friends. Well, we’re really excited to have Lisa join the LifeWay Women author team! She’s a great story teller, funny, and serious about the gospel! We’re publishing a study with her from the book of Malachi, but wait!!! This isn’t a study on tithing! It’s so much more. Lisa will teach us in practical ways that no matter what, God does not leave us. He responds to us in mercy when He could have responded in wrath. We’re not taping this study until December, but rest assured, you’ll be hearing more about it in months to come!
And then I found myself in a meeting with a few others from the LifeWay Women team and Tyndale House Publishers, discussing new authors and how we might work together in the future. It was so cool to hear how Tyndale operates much like LifeWay and how we’re really all about the same thing: To draw people to Jesus.
And lastly, we had two amazing events this past weekend. Thanks to everyone who either prayed for or attended the Living Proof Live in Salt Lake City and the Going Beyond event in Jacksonville, FL.
I’m ready for another great week here at LifeWay Women, anticipating how I’m going to join in with what God’s already busy doing! I can tell you it’s a good feeling to get up in the morning and look forward to going to work every day, but more than that, I know it’s a calling and I’m just thankful to be a part of the work.
What are you thankful for today? In the midst of the muck and the mire, the really hard stuff, we can still be thankful. Thanks for sharing and have a great Monday!


  1. Janice says

    I cannot wait! I cannot wait! I cannot wait! As much as I dearly love the dvd based studies (especially Beth), I thought Ruth by Kelley was one of the best studies I have ever done and I have been praying that Lifeway would publish more like Ruth. So many of the young moms do not have the time to invest in a 10-12 week study with 45 minutes a day of homework. Way to go and I love you Kelley!
    Thanks a million Lifeway!

  2. says

    Today, I am thankful for two daughters who completed their schoolwork w/out attitude and w/out driving each other crazy. :)
    But most of all, I’m thankful for the time on the porch with God. It wasn’t in the early morning like normal, but just a little bit ago. Out of my routine, but the scripture I read would not have had quite the zing if I had read it earlier in the day. I needed it this afternoon. :) He’s so cool like that.

  3. says

    We are just starting again with Ruth study this week! It has to be one of my all time favorites, love Kelly’s style and format of the study. This will be my 4th time thru it and I can’t wait. This time doing a study with ladies at my home and on line.
    NOGS Was also great and Jonah with P. Shirer.
    These are “do-able” studies for anyone.
    Would love to get a preview of Nehemiah (?)

  4. Jeannie says

    Do you have an approximate release date yet? We have groups that would like to make it their spring bible study but are hoping for early February rather than late February. Any ideas?

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