Friday Free Giveaway – Pursuing More of Jesus

Happy Friday, Y’all!
Today’s Free Friday Giveaway is the leader kit for Pursuing More of Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz.
If you’d like to enter to win this giveaway, just post a comment here telling us how you’ll use the Bible study – through an online study on your blog or Facebook, or in your local community – and blog about it. That’s it.
This giveaway will close Tuesday morning. We’ll use to choose a winner.
Have a great weekend!


  1. says

    Hi Kris!
    I would host the study on my blog and with a fb group. We are just finishing another study this week and wondered about what to do next.
    This would be great!
    Thanks to you and LifeWay for all you do!!

  2. Crystal Ratcliff says

    I would use this as our fall Beth Moore ladies study at our church. We do a fall and a spring one every year.

  3. JoAnn Kruger says

    It would be wonderful for the company I wourk for, Quakerdale. We work with youth and families. Thank you!

  4. Julie Reynolds says

    I would use this in our womens ministry. Right now we have 3 different bible studies going on. This year will be our second year to offer a bible study fair(ie:book fair) to the community to pull in those who would like to study but do not attend church. Sadly, I dont have a blog to blog about this on.

  5. Tori Mack says

    My husband and I are starting a new church plant and I would love to use this study to start our women’s bible study!

  6. Loretta says

    I would use it with my Women’s Bible Study group. We watch a short clip of one of Anne’s other studies, and really liked her style.

  7. Janice says

    Yes, my group would love to do this study. I would blog about it and also share it with a couple of ministries for women in my area.
    I love Anne Graham Lotz.
    Thank you.

  8. Amanda Kelly says

    first let me start by saying i am a recovering drug addict and have been clean for 6 years april 1st, 2011.  I met my mentor in 2008 at a conference called whispers at Alamo city Christan fellowship in San Antonio Texas. I went to attend this conference and we stayed in a host house over night and my aunt jenny and i were placed in a ladies house by the name of Karen Nolan. i met my current husband in active addiction, after losing my first marriage to drugs when he found out that i was secertly using every day. Well my husband and i  both used meth as well as manufactured meth everyday together for almost 2 years before becoming clean and sober. we have seen the burning pits of hell and back. from child protective services removing our daughter at 6 weeks of age on august 19, 2005  because my husband was using and selling drugs and my mother called cps on us and had our daughter removed for 16 long months.  i was not using at the time of my pregnancy or after until the day she was removed. my husband and i were not legally married at the time and due to the stress of him using and our daughter leaving we got very physical with each other and domestic violence got really bad. Travis my husband moved out into another woman’s home and would go back and forth. well i was on felony probation for possession of meth, on December 17, 2004 and i was ordered to attended rehab on February 15, 2006 while my daughter was in the care of cps living with my mother. i unsuccessfully completed treatment and was kicked out for miss behavior at 1 month. the center went before drug court and told them i had behavior problems and would not open up and receive proper treatment. i lost funding from the state to remain in treatment and was sent home. the drug court told me, well we will be waiting for the report of your death from over dose or you have been locked up for selling and manufacturing drugs. I left that night on march 15, 2006. i went home or where home was, i was homeless. so a client of mine that i sold drugs to allowed me to come live there. well my husband left the other woman and came back to me. so now we have decided to manufacture and sell drugs from her home. knowing what i learned in rehab i became very very paranoid and in 2 weeks meth monsters attacked me so bad in my head, i was seeing things that were not there and drove around San Antonio on march 31, 2006 going crazy with massive amounts of drugs thinking the police were after me. i made a series of phone calls while driving to my family saying there were police all around me and to take care of my daughter but there was no one around me. my husband was at a domestic violence and anger management class while this was happening to me. i finally after 1 hour made it to my husband. we sat in a parking lot for 1.5 hours and he asked me, ok amanda where are the police and everyone that is following you. crying uncontrollably i said they don’t want you they want me. at that moment my husband looked at me and said i can no longer watch this happen to you. i have caused this to happen to you. I’m making the drugs and giving them to you i just cant watch you go through this any more. my husband made a few phone calls and decided to sell everything we had, drugs and the lab. so that night my husband and brother drugged me to fall asleep. i had not been to sleep in a week. so when i woke up we moved to a hotel for 14 days. our first official day clean and sober is April 1st 2006. my husband and i slept for all 14 days only waking up to shower because we itched so bad from the drugs leaving our bodies. we confessed to cps about everything we lied about and our case went legal from family based. we confessed to his parents and they had no idea how serious things really were. his parents allowed us to move in for 6 weeks. we both had to have a job attend a 12 step meeting everyday and remain clean and sober. so we did. may 10, 2006 i found out i was pregnant again. his parents were very mad. we didn’t even have our daughter now we have another on the way. cps found out and told us we would lose our son the second he was born if i had any drugs in me at all through out my pregnancy. well i did not. so we went through hoops and jumped when they said jump and completed every class cps sent us to as well as my probation and my husbands. during this time attending our 12 step meetings this man asked us to come to alamo city Christian fellowship and we didn’t go until September of 2006. we found the most AMAZING pastor in the world and place we instantly fell in love with. we found our home. our daughter kameron alexis was returned to us November 13, 2006 and our son was born December 27, 2006. my husband and i were married may 25, 2007 officially. we continued to attend alamo city, now they would not marry us due to having children before marriage, so we got married at his grandmas church. well we were washed in the water of christ and became new on feb, 17, 2008. so long story short we met using got clean together, married, saved together at the same time and 6 years later here we are living every day for christ and was radically saved.
        So i told that testimony to karen nolan and a house full of other women, not one of them judged me, rolled there eyes or even turned there nose up at me. matter of fact every one of them were crying, tears filled there eyes and they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Ever since then karen nolan has made the time to personally take me under her wing. she asked me to co-host a women’s ministry with her going on 4 years now. its heart to heart once a month a group of 8 to 10 women sit at our table and we have a guest speaker, dinner and fellowship. its a ministry of 200 women or so. since i was radically saved karen thought it would be great to bring hope to the girl who might sit at our table going through the a similar situation. well i have attended a forgiven and set free post abortion bible study encouraged by karen also. Now karen and i have set out on a 3 year journey of my discipleship called interface. its a deep deep journey into the bible and applying to my life everyday. so 3 weeks a month karen and i have interface at alamo city. and the other Wednesday we have heart to heart leading other women together. As of this coming year in September Karen retired from heart to heart and now I’m taking the reins to lead women with a new comer who has never been in leadership before. So I’m about to take another road god has sent me down. 
        I can honestly tell you by staying in karens home night with other women and not 1 of them passing judgment on me kept me in my walk. If 1 of the them would have passed judgment or even looked at me wrong, or i felt weird i would have never never ever gone back to alamo city. so for the world to know karen is i believe in her 60s and she is the most wonderful amazing christain woman and she so unselfishly took me by the hand and put me under her wing and said come on kid, you’ve got something so special to share with the world im not letting go of you. i love her so much we have now attended 3 conferences together and just attended Priscilla Shiers going beyond together. i just could never say enough positive wonderful things about her and so i just wanted to share my story and my mentor with you.
        thank you so much for taking the time to read this long letter.  God bless and thank you so much.
                                             God bless.
                                                            Amanda Shane Kelly
    Finally the ending of the story goes like this I struggle daily with pain medication. I had seriously  massive surgery June 19, 2011 on my neck on c1-c7. Well I look back at my drug addicted past I’m scared to death to go back. But I must have this medication. We have alittle more surgery to do august 22, 2011 and my “pit” is these pills. I don’t want to fall back. Rehab is not an option. I’m praying. God delivers me again. I could use all the help I could get. My favorite quote from Beth Moore is you know u have come full circle with god when you faced with the same life choice and you choose a diiferent path. I pray for deliverance again. I can and will do this. I want out of this pit!! God bless thank u and the people who read this even if I’m not chosen please add this story to your prayer team.                                                                    

  9. Bonnie says

    I have been blessed by several of Beth’s Bible studies. However, I married 2 yrs ago and began attending my husband’s church. My new church has never had the incredible experience of diving deep into God’s Word with Beth. I would love to ignite some fires with this.

  10. Catherine says

    I would be thrilled to win this giveaway. I am working with my church to start a Women’s Ministry and we don’t have much if any of a budget. I would love to be able to offer this study for the women of our church

  11. Deanna Cleland says

    Hello! Our Monday morning Bible Study group meets at 5:30am (many times in pjs!) and we will be ready for a new study in a few weeks. We have done several Beth Moore & Priscilla Shirer studies, but have not had the privilege of studying with Anne Graham Lotz (yet!) We will glady share our excitement about the study on facebook and through various blogs. After our group completes the study, we will add it to our church library where it can be shared with as many as 20 other women’s Bible Study Groups. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the giveaway. God Bless You and the entire Lifeway Ministry Team!

  12. Kimberly says

    I am always wanting to pursue more of Jesus. I do bible studies on my own. My Church women’s ministry leader would benefit from me receiving this Bible study. I would give it to her. In return the ladies and I would be blessed to learn more about pursuing Jesus.
    Thank you,

  13. says

    My friends I are looking to start up a small group next month. We would love to have this and we have also been given a free location to meet! How lucky are we?

  14. says

    I would love to win this study… I would use this study as a home bible study and let my church use it if they would like…
    (I can’t remember if I posted an earlier comment… I didn’t see one, please make sure this is not a double comment…thanks :)

  15. Marie J says

    “Pursuing More of Jesus” The title really atracted me as I am going through THAT phase in my life whre I am just longing for more of him. together with a few ladies we meet and study a book, or the word, and pray together, I think something more structued like this could help. Also, because of the fact that it is a little harder to get together , as women with a lot of responsibilities, I am planning on creating what I have called a “book club” online, only it won’t be just reading books, but studying them, doing bible studies, sharing about them….This is something I believe will help me in my walk with God but also encourage other ladies and create an small onlne community where we can share together as we learned together and encourage one another as well as find accountability partners. this Bible study would be one of the “books” we study

  16. says

    I love Anne Graham Lotz! I would likely, at least initially, do the study on my own. Of course then I’d likely share it within my church or even friends outside of church.

  17. says

    Just attended the Columbus OH You Lead event, and Beth Moore’s conference – what an incredible three days! This was my first LifeWay event and I’m sure it won’t be my last. I’d like to use the More of Jesus study with the ladies we are working to reach in our church, and though I’ve never thought about doing a study online/with a blog, I’d love to try it! Thank you for the opportunity – blessings!

  18. Felicia Dydek says

    Having an actual organized study would help me to continue to lead women in crisis in my community through the word of God. I volunteer as a Christian Women’s Outreach Counselor. Many womens lives will be changed.

  19. Marilyn says

    I am interested in trying different Authors’ Bible Studies. This one looks interesting and I would share it with our ladies bible studies. Thank you.

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