Get ‘er done

The LifeWay Women marketing team always has a booth at women’s events. Living Proof Live in Charlotte was 9,500 attendees strong, so in order to accommodate all the samples and freebies and whathaveyou that the marketing team wanted to share, there had to be a pretty big set-up.
And that’s why this is what was waiting on Kris and me when we got to the arena Thursday afternoon.

I’m not gonna lie, y’all. Unpacking and setting up all of that stuff can be a daunting task. Every one of those boxes is CHOCK FULL of materials and samples, and they’re heavy – to the point that you find yourself saying “Lift with your knees!” when you see the other person wrestling with the sixth box of HomeLife magazines.
But like anything else, you just try to stay steady with the work. And after a couple of hours, you start to see the light at the end of the unpacking tunnel.

That’s Kris, putting the finishing touches on the booth. By that point I was ready to wrap a towel around my head – I was BURNING SLAP UP – but the end was in sight. And a shower wasn’t far away. And when the booth has come together – well, you know that all the sweet women who will visit it aren’t far away.
And that’s the whole reason why you’re there, you know?
Finally you get to the point where you can put away the pallets, tuck away the banner bags – then stand back and survey your work.

It’s a good feeling.
Well, it’s a good feeling until you knock over a rack of magazines about four minutes after the doors open on Friday night.

The good news is that those magazines were picked up and handed out in no time at all.
The bad news is that our time in Charlotte seemed way too short. We had such a blast there and loved getting to meet so many friendly faces.
Hope some of y’all will stop by the marketing booth in at LPL Columbus, Ohio in a couple of weeks!


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