Ways Young Women are Doing Missions

150301_522356373248_176700184_30495115_8196450_n.jpg…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me
(Matt 25:40 HCSB.)


I’ve been interested in observing what particular needs prompt young women to respond with compassion and action. Here are six areas I’ve seen or heard about over the past months:

1.    Some young women asked to be involved with local Criminal Justice Faith Based ministries. Each had someone close to them incarcerated which made that area of need very personal to them.

2.    Supporting overseas orphanages. A local pediatrician birthed a new ministry to children in an African country. Many moms who have their children under his medical care are actively sponsoring children and making personal trips!  Parental Care Ministries .

3.    Our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group decided to collect personal care items and keep a bag in their car. Whenever they see homeless person, they pull over and hand the bag to them. Lots of reports coming back of interesting conversations they’d had with their kids who witness the act of kindness.

4.    Several bi-lingual young women have engaged with our conversational English classes. They love having a practical way to use their language skills.

5.    Others have taken bold steps to engage with ministries to exotic dancers at men’s clubs. One young woman has even launched a full ministry in Waco, Texas as a result of learning of the need.

6.    Several have taken steps to found a healing place for under-aged girls rescued from sex trafficking. Bold moves of faith, indeed. Refuge of Light.

Women at all ages gravitate toward needs the Lord had sensitized them to through personal experiences. Opportunities for ministry will increase as the needs of today’s culture continue to escalate. As leaders, we need to keep abreast of current issues, bring this awareness to those we lead, and most importantly, pray for the Lord to send out laborers into the fields. Jesus himself said that when we minister unto the ‘least of these’ we are ministering unto Him. As leaders, we have a responsibility to remind others of this powerful message!

·    What needs do you see young women responding to in your community?
·    What needs are you aware of that you’d like to challenge young women to meet?
·    How can leaders ‘fan the flame’ so to speak as well as undergird those young women who desire to take action but don’t know where to begin?

Linda Lesniewski has served as Women’s Minister for the past almost 17 years at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler Texas. She continues to find ways to stay relevant with each generation of women. Read her ideas here for involving young women in missions.


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