Not our typical Friday

Last Thursday Melanie and I went to Nashville so that we could sit in on a pre-event planning meeting for .MOM (which, by the way, will be here before you know it). We’ll be emceeing the .MOM festivities (just think of us as your personal court jesters), and fortunately the LifeWay people are far more organized than we are and actually have a plan and a schedule and lots of ideas. Mel and I were totally blown away by their creativity and attention to detail; they certainly put us at ease and made the prospect of, you know, talking in front of a big group of people a whole lot less intimidating.
During the meeting we also talked a good bit about a .MOM video that Melanie and I were going to be doing the next day. Resident LifeWay geniuses Seth and Jeff had come up with A SCRIPT AND EVERYTHING – they’d even listened to one of our podcasts to get a better feel for how we would talk to each other – and they explained what all we’d be doing on Friday and what the basic storyline of the script would be. I was borderline terrified because I typically don’t enjoy any sort of acting and/or skit, but it ended up being such a blast.
Plus, Melanie and I got to spend almost all day Friday driving around in a sah-weet rented minivan with a big contraption on the hood.
Sometimes blogging leads you into the strangest situations, you know?
We’ll be talking about .MOM even more in the days and weeks to come – we’d love to see y’all in Birmingham on September 23-24!

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