Commitment of Your Women’s Team Members

I recently received a question from a women’s leader regarding one of her team members, a young Christian, who has stopped regular church attendance since moving from the vicinity of the church. The leader felt she had probably put her on the team too quickly even though all team members signed a commitment that included growing spiritually, attending team meetings and other responsibilities. Perhaps you too have had this issue on a team of women you lead.

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First of all it’s a great idea to have a covenant or commitment of some type that all team members agree to sign. (See below for a sample and be sure you include church and small group attendance as an absolute.) But, not without first praying about the commitment and the “call” to that team position. If they live with family, ask them to also share and pray with their loved ones before accepting the responsibility. If you have done all that and they do not keep their covenant, what then?

Ask them to lunch or coffee and talk to them about what’s going on in their life that has caused them to be unable to keep their commitment to ministry and the team. Perhaps you should ask them to take some time off to get settled, then together you re-evaluate.

We just recently went through a shuffling at my church of our team-God has been shaking things up-and our women’s minister asked each team member to pray and ask God about their responsibility on the team and their commitment. If God wasn’t leading them to continue that was just fine, not a problem, and no one would think less of them.

By giving the whole team that choice, no one is singled out. If a member is not able to be a part of the team with those guidelines, perhaps you can find another place where she can serve, even in women’s ministry, which does not require as much commitment as it takes to be on the core team. That will be important that she still feels needed and has a place to serve. You might do this as a part of your annual leadership training/retreat so that this re-evaluation is expected. We all need to ask God if we are still where we should be or if He is moving us on to another ministry. 

Perhaps a commitment like this one below, or one similar would be helpful for your team. Let us know what you do to continue to grow your team.


Mission Statement:  (list yours here)

Scripture Verse:  (for the ministry or for the year)

Objectives:  (list yours here)


Women’s Ministry Team Member Expectations

1.    I am committing to regular church attendance as well as Sunday morning small group (if your church has these) as well as being involved in church wide ministry as needed.

2.    I am committing to growing in my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and taking an active and intentional role in bringing my team members along in their walk.

3.    I am committing to serve and communicate with the team, to understand the value of team building, to be willing to always learn, to be dependable and accountable to the team and others in my life.

4.    I am committing to a lifestyle that is godly, knowing that my lifestyle is a model for other women and that it communicates, without a doubt, my commitment to Christ.

5.    I am committing to attend meetings –  (monthly, bi-monthly, specify here when your team will meet)

6.    I am committing to spiritual growth through involvement in one Women’s Bible Study per year. (or change to fit your needs)

7.    I am committing to attend an annual Leadership Team Retreat. (or whatever you do as a team for extended planning, prayer, dreaming and vision casting.)

8.    I am committing to pray daily for the Women’s Ministry Leadership Team, as well as the women of the church.

Other guidelines

1.    Please try to be punctual at every meeting as it shows respect to all other team members.
2.    Try to do everything possible to be at every meeting.  It is understood that from time to time, there will be unforeseen circumstances that may prevent a team member’s participation in an event or meeting.  Should that occur, please contact the Women’s Ministry Director.
3.    Be faithful and committed to God and team.
4.    Keep a teachable spirit.
5.    Love God and love people.
6.    Have the heart of a servant.

Finally, I have prayed personally and with my family (if appropriate) and believe God has called me to serve in this capacity and willingly commit to faithfully living out each commitment to the best of my ability.

Signed______________________________________________ Date_______________________


  1. says

    I write on this topic in my book “The Team That Jesus Built: How to Develop, Equip, and Commission a Women’s Ministry Team” and have a Team Covenant, but I love the expansion on the expectations. I’ll be sure to share this idea with my readers.
    Chris Adams are you the author of this blog so I can give full credit? I don’t see a name.
    Thank you Chris for the endorsement of my book and also displaying it with the leadership books on this page.

  2. Chris Adams says

    I am and you are welcome to use anything here. Am almost finished with the book. Such detail and organization s always, Janet. So glad to see a full version of the chapter you included in our leadership book Women Reaching Women.

  3. says

    Thank you Chris for the kind words about the book. You know how much I enjoy teaching on this too!
    You have some great ideas here that I will share for sure!
    Have a great 4th!

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