LPL Lincoln set-up

When Melanie and I first started blogging from different women’s events, we mainly just sat in our seats and tried to take really good notes and then re-capped the weekend’s lesson once we got home.
Once we figured out that part of things, we started helping out a little bit behind-the-scenes. It really does take a lot of time to put signs on seats, get programs distributed, make sure that the majority of men’s restrooms become women’s restrooms, etc. Not to mention that while all of that stuff is going on, there’s an entirely different crew of people setting up an on-site LifeWay bookstore. Plus, there’s another crew who are setting up the platform, loading in praise team equipment, connecting all manner of fancy cables and wires and cords and whathaveyou.
Needless to say, Mel and I have never been allowed to work with the tech crew. That’s probably because they prefer to avoid explosions and electrical fires before an event starts. Which is understandable.
The other on-site team is the marketing team, and Mel and I have been helping out with that end of things for the last year or so. This weekend is the first time I’ve worked at the marketing tables by myself, and I was a little nervous when I got to Lincoln because there is A LOT of stuff to set up and distribute. The fun part of working at the marketing tables is that you get to give out a lot of free samples, but all those samples have to be unpacked and placed and re-stocked throughout the event. The prospect of unpacking all that stuff by myself was a little daunting.
But as it turned out, my nerves were totally unnecessary. When I got to the Pershing Center yesterday afternoon, sweet Amy Cato and her event team had unloaded all the boxes, put up all the banners – and they were basically just waiting to see if there was any other way they could help. I was so touched by their kindness, but I wasn’t surprised at all. Because let me tell you: the LifeWay event girls are HARD WORKERS. They’re incredibly servant-hearted, and over the last three years I have seen them pitch in and help out however they can, whenever they can. You would be so impressed by the spirit with which they do their work if you saw them in action.
So, thanks to their help, my job was much less intimidating. They helped me place the banners, and then we started unpacking all of the samples and freebies. I love to arrange things, and thanks to what the event girls had done before I arrived, I had the freedom to really focus on that part of the set-up. After about an hour, the tables were ready for the 4,000 women who’ll be at the Pershing Center tonight.
Normally some of the banners go on the tables, but we’re in an older arena this weekend, and the ceilings are a little low. Kaye had the idea to set the banners on boxes to give them a little height, and now I’m pretty sure that she’s a genius. NEVER would have occurred to me.
So if you’re at LPL this weekend, stop by the marketing tables – they’re at the main entrance. I can load you up with free issues of Home Life and free samples of Bible studies and free event catalogs and even a few free DVDs.
I can also hug you an annoying number of times, but I promise that I’ll do my best not to invade your personal space.
Hope to see some of y’all there!

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