Hello from Lincoln, Nebraska!

This weekend I’m in Lincoln, Nebraska for Living Proof Live. It’s my first-ever visit to this part of the country (I think I may have already mentioned that about fourteen times), and I have been totally charmed by the friendliness of the people and the charm of the downtown area.
Everything here looks very neat and clean – they’re missing that nice sheen of humidity that tends to make the scenery a little hazy in the South. And since there aren’t any hills (a big change-o-pace for this Alabama girl), I feel like I’m driving around on a gigantic Lego creation. Flat streets, red brick buildings, lots of right angles. Efficient. No nonsense.
And for some reason that makes me so happy.
Even the Capitol building looks sturdy and sensible. At the top of the Capitol there’s a dome with a statue (such an expected twist, that dome at the top of a tower), and the statue is a man sowing seed. Not a President or a dignitary or an eagle or some sort of fancy emblem – but a regular guy who’s doing his part to make sure that the agricultural wheels keep turning.
You didn’t know you were going to get a history lesson today, did you?
Neither did I. But I love all the little quirks and eccentricities and traditions that make a place unique. So I thought I’d share.
I’ll be back in a little while with some more news from the event itself. Unless I run across some statues or monuments before then. In which case: HISTORY LESSON AHOY.
(Oh, I kid.)
(Sort of.)
Hope y’all are having a great Friday!


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