5 Basic Needs of Mothers


Mothers have basic needs unique to their stage of life. Help mothers in your women’s ministry recognize their needs and see that each one can be ultimately satisfied by Christ:

1. Significance: "Sometimes I wonder if mothering matters."
Moms need to know their role has value and makes a difference in the lives of their children. But ultimately, they need to realize that their work as a mom will never be enough to earn the consistent significance they’re looking for – God alone provides true purpose and significance.

2. Identity: "Sometimes I’m not sure who I am."
Because mothers’ attention is focused primarily on their children, they may feel they’ve lost touch with who they are. But when they see themselves as God sees them, they can drop the burden of feeling they aren’t good enough and focus on being all God created them to be.

3. Growth: "Sometimes I long to develop who I am."
Mothers often convince themselves that now is the time for them to nurture their children and they must put their own lives on hold. But they are better moms when they find time and energy to keep themselves as well as their kids growing.

4. Intimacy: "Sometimes I long to be understood."
Intimacy in relationships can’t be put on hold while kids grow, even though relationships must adapt. Moms need to pursue intimacy in their marriages, friendships, and with God.

5. Instruction: "Sometimes I don’t know what to do."
Mothers aren’t born knowing everything about mothering! They need information and practical wisdom regarding parenting, relationships, finances, personal development, and appropriate choices. As a women’s leader, you can be a trustworthy provider of this help by pointing to Scripture for the truth and guidance they’ll need.


Transformed Lives.jpgThis information was adapted from a chapter in Transformed Lives: Taking Women’s Ministry to the Next Level, an essential women’s ministry resource.

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