Women’s Ministry Question #10: Women’s Teams Unifying Heart and Hands

Recently at a YOU Lead women’s leadership training, we had a panel answering questions submitted by attendees. Several past and upcoming posts address those and try to help answer them.  Check out other Women’s Ministry Questions here.

Today’s question is: What do you suggest to bring your team closer together?

One of your jobs as a team leader is to not only continually challenge, train and hold team members accountable, but also to pour into them spiritually. Look at your team as your own small group. In doing that, you see the need to do several things:

·    Pray for your team members-as you lift them up in prayer, you cover them as they serve in their areas of responsibility.

·    Pray WITH your team members, individually and as a team-as you pray together, one-on-one or as a team, you unify hearts. When you have various perspectives, gifts, personalities and areas of passion, you must have the Holy Spirit’s leadership to really become a team.

·    Pray individually then share what God said. It’[s amazing, especially if you have disagreements about the direction of the ministry, what God will do if you discuss the issues, let them voice pros and cons of each side, then go away for a week or two and pray. Make sure they do not talk about it with each other, only with God. When you come back together at the designated time, ask them what God said and watch Him unify their hearts!

·    Share leadership principles-each time you are together, share what you have been reading or learning regarding leadership and women’s ministry. What has helped you become a more effective leader? File it and use next time you meet.

·    Share spiritual principles-where has God spoken to you as a woman, as a leader? These are lessons your team needs as well. Help them see that the most important thing they can do as a leader is develop their own relationship with Christ. Without that, no amount of leadership skills will be useful!

·    Challenge them to be bringing along another person as they serve and lead. Who are they training to take their place?

·    Retreat occasionally-for a day or overnight. Spend part of the time praying and developing ministry, but also spend a chunk of time sharing personally with each other and playing together. Make sure you laugh!  What happens away continues to influence the team as you head back home and continue ministry.

·    Do Bible study together-occasionally you might want to lead your team through a Bible study to help them grow deeper in their walk and to unify their hearts spiritually…perhaps in preparation for changes to the team or a new dimension to the ministry.

What do you do to help your team grow closer?

Watch for future Q/A posts!

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