10 Reasons to Have a Women’s Ministry from a Pastor’s Wife’s Perspective

I love reading this minister’s wives perspective of why it’s important to minister to women. Read this post by guest blogger Jennifer Landrith, senior pastor’s wife at Long Hollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville, TN.

Jennifer L.JPGSometimes I am at a conference with my husband and I will occasionally hear a pastor’s wife say she doesn’t like having a women’s ministry or they give her husband grief.  I want to share some of the positives I have seen in our church and our family for having a women’s ministry. 

1.    It allows your husband to have more time to focus on preaching when someone else can help meet the needs of the women of the church.

2.    It allows someone to focus on Bible studies, support groups and events for women besides the pastor’s wife which many times will fall to her if there is no women’s ministry.

3.    It gives you someone to talk and pray with about the women in your church and to share a “big picture” vision for the women. 

4.    Women’s ministry is not there to compete with  you but there for you both to support one another. 

5.    It gives a voice to the church staff in your church to make sure things on the church calendar address some things from a woman’s perspective.

6.    It allows women to help and encourage women and this is a biblical model.    (Titus 2)

7.    It challenges women to use their gifts and step up in leadership responsibilities, one on ne counseling and teaching.  Any time women are growing and maturing in their faith it is a great thing!

8.    It helps you as the pastor’s wife focus on your family and have more time with them when others can visit women in a hospital, pray with them, etc..  Many times this role falls to a minister’s wife.

9.     It helps build connections with other women and it’s fun to serve with other women.  It is fun to have an event where you can have chicken salad and flowers and have “girl talk.”

10.    Women need women!  Sometimes just a hug, smile or a cry on a shoulder is what a woman needs and she needs other women not your husband for that.

How have you seen women’s ministry be important in your church? Tell us in the comment box below!

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Jennifer and her husband David have three children, Rachel, Sam and Josh.  Jennifer serves on the Women’s Leadership team and teaches Bible studies for women in her church.  She is a LifeWay Ministry

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