Women’s Leaders Persevere!

As a leader, are you in a season of just “persevering”?  Sometimes we just have to keep putting one foot in front of another, doing the next thing God tells us. I’ve been in a season like this often and for different reasons. 

One season began right after my husband and I surrendered to ministry.  You can read about that here.

I wonder what you might be facing right now. Are you willing to persevere?

I read an article from The Brook Network titled Getting Through Tough Times . In this article, the author gives us 6 reasons why people persevere instead of giving up.  I love this one that says, “the courage to persevere comes from a deep conviction that one’s purpose is right, and that god is behind it.” Read the entire article for the other 5. I do believe you will be encouraged.

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  1. Chris Adams says

    we are thrilled to know this is an assistance to you! Blessings in your new journey as a pastor’s wife. There is a category on this blog for posts especially for you. watch for more to come as well.

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