2011 Forum “Decades” Sneak Peek Webcast




Don’t miss this informative webcast March 15  12:00-1:00 PM Central Time

Join Chris Adams, Pam Case & Paige Greene for 2011 Forum “Decades” Sneak Peek ….Because we are all in this together. Special guests will be speaker and author Esther Burroughs, LifeWay Women Event Project Coordinator Lauren Farmer, and Girls’ Ministry Specialist Pam Gibbs.

Join this panel of women leaders as they discuss issues of bridging the gap between generations of women in our church and community. We must understand the differences in the generations to be able to connect them.

Decades…because we are all in this together is our theme for this 16th women’s leadership forum that will take place in Nashville November 10-12, 2011. You won’t want to miss the forum or the web cast!



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