Vintage Values – You & Your Girl

by Sissy Goff
That word seems to describe one of the primary differences between the lives of today’s kids and when you or I were growing up. We didn’t have travel teams. We didn’t have cell phones or facebook or AP classes or half of the activities and technologies that are vying for the attention of girls today. But they do. And we are thankful to get to be on the journey with you in helping navigate these issues in the lives of girls. Life doesn’t have to be quite so intense, even in 2011. We believe in vintage values. In fact, we are a part of a counseling ministry built around this very idea…
Imagine a warm summer day. You’re sitting outside drinking iced tea. Your children are in the yard laughing and playing, seemingly without a care in the world. They’ve got umbrellas out and they’re dancing in the water falling from the sprinkler. You can barely hear the strains of BJ Thomas singing “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.” What year do you think this is?
As much as it sounds like the summer of 1970, you’re almost 40 years off. These kids were at Camp Hopetown, the summer camp that we run for kids involved in our counseling ministry. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are two counselors who work with kids and have been doing so for a combined experience of over sixty years (although most of those are Melissa’s. My name is Sissy, and I was barely born when BJ was crooning about the falling raindrops).
We are a part of a counseling ministry called Daystar. Our office is housed in a little yellow house with a big front porch. One seven-year old boy called it, “the little yellow house that helps people.” Our dogs, Lucy the Havanese and Blueberry, the Old English Sheepdog help us counsel the kids and families who come to Daystar. Our offices house eight counselors and see over 200 kids per week, between individual and group counseling. We offer summer camps and parenting classes both in the community and beyond. We believe in offering hope to families in any situation…and we believe in vintage values in this modern world.
Actually, we just like the whole idea of vintage in general. On most days, we have spiced tea brewing in our lobby. There is a checkers table in one of the waiting rooms, with typically two or three kids gathered around it. At our camps, the kids play chess, learn to waterski (not just wakeboard) and help cook the meals. We sing old timey hymns along with worship choruses and talk about the rich meaning behind the words. We even have Christmas at camp and take the kids to a town made up of one row of antique stores. They have three dollars to buy a gift for the person whose name they drew. The gifts are symbolic, like a boy who gave a counselor an old walking stick because he said she helped people stand who were struggling. We like vintage, and believe it brings out good in the lives of kids.
You and Your Girl is an opportunity to expose your daughter to many of those vintage values. As she plays with new friends and listens to captivating speakers, she will discover truths about who she is and the vastness of God’s great love for her. And it will be a day for you to become even more grounded in the timelessness of God’s Word and who He has called you to be as a parent.
What if I let her text and she sends someone an inappropriate picture? What if I let her spend the night out and his friend’s parents don’t watch him like I do? How do I shelter her and keep her from harm? Why is she acting like this?
This event will be a day where you will learn more about your child and more about yourself. The introduction to our book Modern Parents, Vintage Values ends with words that echo the same experience we believe you’ll find in You and Your Girl: “We hope that you will be reminded of truth and inspired to parent with more life and more freedom. Basically, our hope is that you’ll find hope–for who God is creating your child to be. And that you’ll close this book knowing a little more of the ultimate truth of God’s love in the life of your family.”
Join us for the You and Your Girl simulcast on April 9th!
Sissy Goff, M.Ed., LPC-MHSP spends most of her days talking with girls and their families, with the help of her counseling assistant/pet therapist, Lucy the Havanese. Since 1993, she has worked as the Director of Child and Adolescent Counseling at Daystar Counseling Ministries in Nashville, Tennessee. She is also the author of five books, including The Back Door to Your Teen’s Heart, Raising Girls, and Modern Parents, Vintage Values, as well as Mirrors and Maps (for 11-14 year-old girls) and Growing Up Without Getting Lost (for 15-19 year-old girls). In October of 2011, her first video parenting curriculum will be released by LifeWay: Raising Boys and Girls.

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