FREE Friday Giveaway – Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, & Priscilla Shirer!

ATR.jpgLadies – you don’t want to miss out on this amazing Bible study! Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed, The Study of David. Taped at the 2007 Deeper Still women’s event, Priscilla Shirer teaches two sessions, Beth Moore teaches two sessions, and Kay Author teaches two sessions. And my personal favorite of this study is the bonus Q & A session.
In case you need a reminder, here’s what to do. Post a comment here telling us how you’ll use the Bible study – through an online study on your blog or Facebook, or in your local community and blog about it. Include the link to your social media site. That’s it.
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  1. Wanda Tyler says

    I would love to hear all three of these woman in Bible Study! They are truly anointed of God!

  2. Stacey S says

    We have a great Ladies Sunday School class here in Deridder, LA and switch off teaching responsibilities. We have a great time reaching out to ladies in our community through monthly breakfasts too. This study will just enhance our Sunday School class even more and get us something that we haven’t done before.

  3. says

    This would be a wonderful resource for our ladies bible studies in Derry, NH… just love these three gifted bible teachers!! thanks so much for having this give-away…

  4. Jennifer Jones says

    I have been looking for an awesome bible study guide and one that has a Q&A session so that I may start publishing my studies on facebook and sharing it with my friends on there.

  5. Becky Poag says

    I attend a very small church in Winchester, Tn.This study would be a great way for our Woman’s group to spend more time together in learning and fellowship

  6. says

    Just finished this Bible Study at my church. It is the most powerful Bible Study I have ever participated in! It amazes me how God places us in the right place for the specific season of our lives. Each week, this study spoke volumes to me on a personal level. I want to share this with some very dear friends of mine in a home based Bible Study. I also lead a Mom’s Day Out program at our church and we meet for Bible Study on Thurs. This would be an awesome study for us to dig into. It has really brought to my attention “who” God is, “who” I am not and “who” I am because of belonging to Christ.
    Thank you so much for your page,very encouraging!
    God Bless

  7. Sarah Kozel says

    Would love to do this with the ladies in my bible study! We’re doing our second Beth Moore study right now and we had the opportunity to be blessed with Pricilla Shirer in San Antonio!

  8. says

    I would love to receive this. Our church is reaching out to a women’s shelter. We have Bible studies as well as other things with the women in this shelter.
    It would be wonderful to be able to share this study with them.

  9. Cynde P. Wilkes says

    Totally excited about sharing God’s Word with ladies!!! Women & girls of all ages!!
    Living in a community that is rural and military both … has it’s challenges and the Bible studies would be one way to move that mountain!!!!
    I’ve personally seen & met Kay & Beth! And would love to meet Priscilla!!
    Blessing to you ladies!

  10. says

    We would love to use this for our Young Adult Bible Study. We are currently trying to get our young adults active on Sunday nights and I teach a class where there are at times 4 that come. We have between 20-30 young adults in our church so there are a lot that are not there on Sunday nights. I really think this would be a great study for us. Thanks so much!!!

  11. says

    I can totally use this resource at our church! I would love to use this bible study to start a new college age group study w girls! Beth, Priscilla and Kay are sure to take us to a deeper level!

  12. Barb Robinson says

    This looks like an awesome study – I facilitate a bible study class for women and so far we have completed A Woman’s Heart and Believing God, and we are now studying Breaking Free. This study would be excellent to follow what we have already done.
    Keep up the good work!
    Barb R

  13. says

    I did this study on my own last year and absolutely loved it! I also was blessed to hear Priscilla last year at Going Beyond in Ft. Worth. I will probably lead this study on my blog,, or at a coffee shop like Starbucks with women in my community. They would also be blessed by doing this study.

  14. kim says

    if I win this study I will have a small group within our church. we would meet weekly and have a online discussion thru google groups or facebook group s.
    thank you

  15. says

    I would love to share this with our Tuesday morning Women’s ministry ladies … They already know how lovely Beth is and I would love for them to get to know Kay and Priscilla ~ what a dynamic team you’ve put together!

  16. says

    A few weeks ago on this blog I read the idea of doing one of the video studies with a group as a retreat. I think this one would be great for that idea. I would love to get a group together to get away for a weekend to get deeper into God’s word and presence. Then of course I would share on my blog.

  17. Rhonda Diehl says

    I’m hoping to do this study with a new community group of ladies I’m putting together now, had thought of using for an outreach for the group with a retreat but opted to do Loving Well retreat in a box and then hopfully some of the girls will want to join a weekly group and “do life together in the word”

  18. says

    My name is Stacey and I am a Bible study addict. Praise God! Currently, I am in cancer treatment, and have missed quite a few church services and Bible study sessions. But, I stay in the Word every day and have borrowed my church’s Bible study kits so I can see the Word taught as well. If I win this kit, it will be used for that purpose. I will also invite both of my daughters to study with me, and I would definitely consider blogging about my (our) experience at my blog ( Thanks for cleaning out your office, Kris, and sharing it with us. May God bless you.

  19. Denise Wallace says

    Our Ladies SS class is in love with the Kay Arthur book “When the Hurt Runs Deep” and our Sunday evening Bible study has been doing Beth Moore. This would be perfect for our Ladies ministry group on Sundays!!!

  20. kim r says

    We will be hosting the Going Beyond simulcast in April and we are looking to start a bible study this would be a great study to kick off our bible study!

  21. says

    This would be such a wonderful thing to share about four different ways here. We are an Army family living in Germany. In addition to the wonderful PWOC group, I’m finding opportunities to love on some sweet young Army wives and would enjoy sharing our study on my blog. Thank you so much for the opportunities to win you are providing each week!

  22. CJ Swinney says

    If I win this, I’m doin’ it here in Lincoln Nebraska! So many friends at my church and other area churches continue to grow in their hunger for God’s Word. We are all more familiar here with Beth and Kay, but few know or have heard Priscilla. What a great way to introduce them with this study!

  23. Amanda Lawrence says

    This looks like it would be a wonderful study. I would love to do it with my friends locally and via blog or Facebook with my sister who lives out of town.