FREE Friday Giveaway – Beth Moore Stepping Up Bible Study

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It’s Friday again so you know what that means here on LifeWay Women Allaccess!
This week’s FREE Bible study kit is Stepping Up by Beth Moore. This is one of Beth’s shorter Bible studies – 7 weeks.
As a reminder, here’s what to do. Post a comment here telling us how you’ll use the Bible study – through an online study on your blog or Facebook, or in your local community and blog about it. Include the link to your social media site. That’s it.
We’ll use to choose a winner.
Please don’t give up. Only one person can win each week, but someone WILL WIN! We sure would appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind letting your friends on Facebook and Twitter know about our Friday Giveaways too. Thanks!
Have a great weekend!
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  1. Wanda Tyler says

    I will use it for a women’s bible study in my church! We use alot of Beth Moore Bible Studies. She makes the bible interesting!

  2. Mary Heller says

    I would love to use this in multiple ways: conduct an online study, and provide it to the Fort Meade, Maryland PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) where we conduct Bible studies for military women (active duty & spouses & daughters) :-) We are sponsored by the tithes of the chapel system on post & it would bless many if God would provide this to these ladies

  3. Kim Norris says

    I would love to do this study. If i were to win it, we would have a small group study within our church for the women. We would meet weekly and wouls also set up an online blog/discussion. Either through or

  4. says

    I have taken this study before and would love to have an online or small group home study with my women’s group.
    I love to redo Beth Moore studies–there is always something new to learn in the scriptures.

  5. liz says

    I’m having a small group of women in my home that have experienced tremendous loss in their life thru the passing of a child or abandonment. Comfort thru our faithful God combined with care ‘wrapped in skin’ will be powerful for healing.

  6. Tammy says

    I would love to win this study. I would start the bible study off at our first women’s retreat and then continue weekly get togethers to complete the study.

  7. says

    I would us this study as a part of the womens bible study group I lead for the ministry t w i r l. ( ) We love Beth Moore and would be excited to do this study and blog about it.

  8. Stacey Westbrook says

    I would use this Bible Study in my crisis pregnancy group, and also likely with lady friends of mine, and for sure on my blog site!!!

  9. says

    Our church is an inner city church in Oklahoma City. We are always looking for inexpensive outreach opportunities and offering a bible study that only cost us the price of study books would be fantastic. We have currently been looking into adding small group bible study into our Sunday night activities and this would be a great start. Thank you for the opportunity to try and win it!

  10. Lisa McGill says

    Beth Moore is one one my best studys I have looked at. I would love to have this study to work on my getting closer to God and also to reach out into my community to do a bible study. I know some ladies that are wanting to have a bible study on Beth Moore and this would be perfect. God bless. Lisa

  11. says

    I have been looking for inspiration and for a topic to blog about consistently. I have never thought about sharing my experience through a bible study before. I would love to able to blog and share this with my friends.

  12. says

    I would use it with the small group we host on Sunday nights at our home. The men/women usually split up to do Bible study so this would work great. After our studies, we all join back up in the kitchen for food/fellowship.
    bamagv at aol dot com

  13. Jennifer says

    Our community wide women’s Bible study group is called GALS. Right now we have 82 active members from many different faiths and local churches! We love to study with Beth. We do more of her studies than anyone else and have been a host church for several simulcasts! If were to win this study, we could offer it to our new comers who haven’t participated in this study or we have a local Christian Women’s Outreach that is always looking for material to share with the women who come to them looking for help. Thank you Lifeway for always having such wonderful studies available any so many forms and topics!!

  14. says

    We have just created a new community congregation in a previously campus-only church in Blacksburg, VA. In an attempt to help the “downtown” women have their own sense of identity, we started a blog.
    We would love to get a bible study going this summer that could incorporate meeting in person as well as encourage posting on the blog. We are finding many of our women read the blog, but they don’t have a lot to comment on. We were thinking doing a bible study could change that some and get women used to posting and commenting a little more.

  15. Desiree Whittaker says

    I would love to do this study and I would do it with ladies in my church and hope to include a few that don’t currently go to my church, that I work with but I think would love to be involved also.

  16. sharon says

    I would use this bible studie with my friends who are not beliviers yet they have again to do a bible studie with me and I signed on today and saw this and I believe this is a sign from god what a testamontial to give to them if I was to win this bible studie. God Bless Sharon K Becker

  17. Tonni says

    This would be an answer to prayer! My husband is at a pastor at a church that has NO women’s ministry in place or funds to start one. We have only been there a few months. I would LOVE to get one started!

  18. says

    I have been wanting to do two things.
    1. Have a Bible study in my neighborhood. I’ve never done that before but I think it would be a good way to get to know the women in my neighborhood and share Christ with them.
    2. I have wanted to do a Bible study on my blog. I love this study and think it would be a great one to do.

  19. says

    I’d enjoy sharing this with our Protestant Women of the Chapel, and then passing it on to my daughter to use with her college group. We both have blogs, which we could use to share.

  20. says

    I’d love to do this study with our MOPS group! I’m the coordinator of our local group, and there’s definitely a need and a desire to go deeper with these busy moms, and this would be a great place to start!

  21. Amanda Kumher says

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am so excited to see this giveaway! I have wanted to do this study for years!!! And Lead my womens ministry in it! And write about it. Thank you SO much for this opportunity! I hope, I hope, I hope :)

  22. Melissa Hahn says

    Would love to recieve this to share with the ladies of our comminity, i’m new in Gods word the bible studie David (seeking a heart like his) was just amazing to me and my heart! Thank you too CCAG, Lifeway, and Beth Moore. God is good oh how i’m seeking his heart in Jesus beloved name Amen.

  23. Laur Kappauf says

    I would first offer it up to our Womens Bible Study at my church and then would offer it to friends in my community that I know would enjoy.

  24. Missy McClure says

    I would use this as Bible Study to send to the women in Kakamega, Kenya. They are so hungry for dicsipleship programs and this would be a great one to start with for them!

  25. Georganne Canada says

    Our new Bible study group would be so blessed to receive this study…talk about an awesome way to kick if off this spring! I pray we win…we serve an awesome God! I believe we receive!!!

  26. says

    My name is Stacey and I am a Bible study addict. Praise God! Currently, I am in cancer treatment, and have missed quite a few church services and Bible study sessions. But, I stay in the Word every day and have borrowed my church’s Bible study kits so I can see the Word taught as well. If I win this kit, it will be used for that purpose. I will also invite both of my daughters to study with me, and I would definitely consider blogging about my (our) experience at my blog (
    Thanks for cleaning out your office, Kris, and sharing it with us. May God bless you.

  27. says

    I would use this study in my home with a group of friends, and then probably pass it along to my Church for their Women’s Ministry to use…I don’t think they have done this study before :)
    Thanks for the chance to win…

  28. Kelly Miller says

    I currently lead a bible study of young 20-30 year olds young ladies in our rural community. We started as a 12 week study with Beth’s David study. And we’ve been going at least biweekly for over 3 years! Our church does not support our efforts financially, so this would truly be a blessing!

  29. Delores says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this study. Love Beth Moore Ministries studies. I would donate the study to the ladies in residence of The Discipleship House.

  30. Carol says

    If I were to win the bible study I would use it for Our womens ministry team in church and I would also love to reach out to my neighbors here where I live and maybe do it here in my house and bring the women in here to learn what God has for them

  31. mandy says

    I would use the study to do a small bible study with my sisters in the hope it will draw us closer together(after the death of a sister this past April)and in the hopes that it will help them draw closer to God, draw on his strength.
    WE have been though so much this year, my sisters need to know God is still there and yes he still cares.
    We lost our sister in April of 2010. My oldest Sister loss her father In Law a month later, then my middle sister lost her husband in September.

  32. Carolyn says

    I would use it the church I do bible studies at. I have done this one before and would love to do it again with my Tuesday ladies.

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