You can be Brave all by yourself

A couple of days ago I watched the promotional video for Brave, a new Bible study by Angela Thomas. Some of the questions she poses really resonated with me, so I’m definitely intrigued. I have to finish David before I can start anything new, though. I mean, I’m capable of a certain degree of multi-tasking, but I think two Bible studies at once might be what the experts would call counterproductive what with the constant feeling of being overwhelmed by Bible study homework at all.
(This is merely my own personal theory.)
(There might be a large contingent of people who work their way through four Bible studies at once and simultaneously study Greek and Hebrew.)
(And to those people: HATS OFF.)
Anyway, as I was looking at all the materials for Brave, I noticed that you can purchase individual videos for the study if you don’t have a need for the big leader kit. I’ve been buying the individual use videos for David each week, and OH MY WORD, DELIGHTFUL. It’s so nice to be able to download the videos and then watch them right here from the comfort of my couch. And it’s a great option if you don’t have access to a group Bible study or maybe feel called to study alone for a few months.
Have any of you started the Brave study yet?

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