3rd Annual Single Galentine’s Day post…

…. may there not be 4th. Grin.
I just read my posts from 2009 and 2010. They are somewhat perky. And what I wrote at the time was how I really felt. As you single gals (sin-gals) out there know, the temperature of this single woman thing is ever changing, from day to day, and year to year.
I am waiting. By my count, I’ve been waiting awhile.
But the question is who am I waiting on? The obvious answer is that I’m waiting on Mr. Mostly Right to come along…but the Bible tells me again and again to wait on God, and if I do I will not be disappointed.
That’s not how I live every day but that’s how I want to live. I’ve learned the hard way that when I put life and hope, in or a wait on anything other than Christ alone, I will eventually be disappointed.
So today I’m asking more than telling. Questions like:
Am I loved? Yes
Do I have what I really need? Yes
Am I thankful? Yes.
Do I get to love in return? Yes.
Do I trust God and His timing? Yes
Do I sometimes complain about it? sometimes.
But I’m trying more and more to focus on what I have, than what i don’t. Its much more peaceful that way. And then I see all that I do have.
And when I start to feel sorry for myself, that Valentines Day has rolled around again and I don’t have a date, I remember the line to an old Journey song that says..”When you’re feeling love’s unfair, you just ask the lonely. When your lost in deep despair, you just ask the lonely.”
I may not have a husband. But i am NOT alone. Far from it. And neither are you. Who are you waiting for this Valentines Day? What are your answers to the questions listed above?
Here are some great verses about waiting on God. My fave is the first one. But they are all great promises:
Psalm 27:12-14
Psalm 37: 7 & 34 (read the whole Psalm, its a stunner)
Psalm 62: 5
Proverbs 20:22
Isaish 40: 28-31 (the king daddy of all ‘wait’ verses).
Lamentations 3:25-26
Micah 7:7
Happy Gal-entines Day 2011,
From your gal,


  1. says

    Good words Paige. And Psalm 27:13-14 are probably my FAVORITE verses when it comes to waiting on the Lord.
    Those questions are good ones to ask when you’re feeling down. Thanks for this!

  2. Carol says

    Happy Valentines day to you to
    I am single as well but I am waiting on the Lord am I praying for a boyfriend not really but I know God will bring the right person in my life when the time is right,
    But Jesus is my love
    and He is holding me
    Telling me how much He loves me
    He is singing over me
    His love endures forever

  3. Kesha M. Royster says

    I love this and although Valentines Day has never been the day that I run and hide from. I can say what you’ve written can apply to any day ..heck any moment. Especially when the longing for the “ONE” seems unbearable, I can ask myself those questions! So, Paige I hope that you wont have to send out a 4th Galentines blog and I hope I want spend another Christmas holiday without the “ONE”!
    Galentines United,

  4. says

    Thanks so much for the verses! I’ve actually never had a date on Valentine’s day. Bummer. But I’m surprisingly ok with it this year. I’m so thankful God has changed my attitude recently!

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