Lessons on Leadership #9

Recently we hosted a summit for leaders who serve in our state convention offices (Southern Baptist). Selma Wilson, our vice-president and leader of B & H Publishing Group a division of LifeWay Christian Resources shared 10 valuable lessons with us about being women in ministry in a mostly male ministry world.  She has gained the respect not only of our leadership at LifeWay but across the Southern Baptist convention nationally. God has not only used her in powerful ways, but she has done it as a woman, and with grace that models leadership for us all.

This is part of a series of posts discussing these 10 points one at a time. You will be blessed as we all were when she shared them with us.  Again, here are all 10 points in a list.

1.    Be Yourself
2.    Prepare to Lead
3.    Love the People…Build the Team
4.    Respect the Past (People, History, & Work)
5.    Listen & Learn
6.    Find Your Leadership Voice ( And Use It!)
7.    Be Seen and Heard (Communicate, Communicate, Communicate)
8.    Submission & Leadership
9.    Humility & Leadership
10.    Perspective…It’s not About You!

Today we will look at #9: Humility and Leadership


humility (1).jpg

In Proverbs 15:25 we read, “The Lord destroys the house of the proud,…” (HCSB) Pride will hinder our leadership abilities as quickly and as destructively as anything. And as leaders, we are all susceptible to becoming prideful. The enemy would love to take what God is doing through us, twist it around and make us think “we did it”!  Or to take words of appreciation and start thinking too highly of ourselves.

It’s hard to be criticized, especially when we’ve worked hard in ministry. Sometimes the criticism is unfounded, but other times God may want to teach us something through it. Pride will keep us from even asking God if there is truth in the criticism.

Pride will also keep us from delegating to others. We would rather do it ourselves, either so we will get the credit or so that it will be done “right”. God will honor our investing in others to raise up leaders, to bring women to walk with us in our roles, to mentor women into leadership roles. Pride will keep us from being willing to let go.

Humble…it’s who Christ was as He served on earth…it’s who He was as He went to the cross.  What makes us think we can lead any other way to be victorious and impact His Kingdom?

Where have you struggled with pride? Submit it to Him and walk humbly as you serve.

Other helpful Resources:

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