It’s Friday again so you know what that means here on LifeWay Women All Access!
This week’s FREE Bible study kit is Return to the Garden by Kay Arthur. Can I just tell you how much I love Kay Arthur? The first week I started doing marketing for LifeWay Women, I got to meet Ms. Kay at the taping of this very study. I don’t think enough people really know what Return to the Garden is really about. She wrote the study after her book, The Truth about Sex. Everyone wants to know more about sex, right? Anyway, Kay, in only the way Ms. Kay can, talks about a woman’s sexuality, and how we are designer goods, designed by God. It is an honest, redemptive call to return to God’s standard of purity. The amazing thing is this study will speak to teenagers, young women, single, married, and those who have been married for a very long time.
As a reminder, here’s what to do. Post a comment here telling us how you’ll use the Bible study – through an online study on your blog or Facebook, or in your local community and blog about it. Include the link to your social media site. That’s it.
We’ll use to choose a winner.


  1. Lori Williams says

    I do not have a blog but I do have a facebook. But I think that I would use this study during our “Ladies Connect Group” which meets once a week. We are currently doing a study by Kay Arthur about “How to Study the Bible”. This one would be a great follow up study!! Thank!!

  2. Kesha M. Royster says

    I plan on sharing this with the women in my life as a time of fellowship and refreshing! I love get together but even the more when there centered around the word!

  3. Tracy Long says

    Hello, I would love to win this. I have been very sick and have been told I have MS. I have been bed ridden for 4 months and finally able to get up and get out. I totally relied on God and reading the bible to help me through this, plus my christian friends. I would love to give back to those who helped me and to also bring more to God. I feel that I have been lead to do something for others who need to know the love God can give through faith. Many people that have MS get depressed or get down on life and I want to help them over come this. Thank you so much!!

  4. says

    My church is actually a new church plant. Because of that, resources are few and money is tight. I would love to win this study to bring to our women’s group! Our group is made up of young women, some single and some newly married. We are still looking for Titus 2 older women to come along side us and teach us in ways that only those women can. Until then, we’d love to learn from a Titus 2 woman through a DVD study!

  5. says

    Before I read the entire post I thought, this doesn’t sound like something I’d be interested in simply because I’m single. But then I read where it doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in and I read the product page and changed my mind. :)
    I would do this study with women in my local church and blog it about it on my blog –
    Thanks for the opportunity!! :)

  6. Wendy says

    Looking for studies that would reach out into our community and address problems that when struggle with. Talk about perfectly made to accomplish that goal.

  7. says

    I would love to use this study on my new blog and Facebook! I have struggled with intimacy in marriage due to my use of sex before marriage. I think in this time, we need to be more aware of what Scripture says about sex. I know people who struggle with sex in marriage because of past abuse. Love Kay Arthur and would love to delve into a topic that is usually not discussed, especially among church women!

  8. Laurie in TN says

    I would share it with my small group girls at church. We are currently doing the Deeper Still “Faithful, Abundant, & True” Study right now. Kay Arthur is a wonderful Christian speaker and we’ve enjoyed listening to her on the DVD. :-)

  9. Amanda Kumher says

    I would LOVE to use this Bible Study at my church… our funds are very low and havn’t been able to do a woman’s Bible study in a very long time! This would be such a blessing! :)

  10. Kimberly Sargent says

    This looks like a great study, one that will let us explain God’s word to our teens and young ladies BEFORE they go down the wrong path. Would be an awesome study to win!!

  11. says

    OH MY WORD. This is this one of the best studies ever. I am actually leading this with the ladies I work with right now! We borrowed it from a church.) I work at a Christian summer camp and we use The Truth ABout Sex with our girls (and guys!) staff to prepare them in handling questions from kids about sex, sexuality accurately from GODS WORD! It would be a major blessing to have this study so that we could actually go through the study with our girls staff before camp starts. Even if I/you don’t win- ladies… Please teach this in your churches, communities, to your daughters, to anyone who will listen. This generation does not know what GODS WORD says about sex. And He invented it! :) Blessings!

  12. says

    I would share w/ my small group and then blog about what God is showing me through the study. After our last week’s Bible study, this is a topic we REALLY need some TRUTH in!!
    Thanks for doing this each week!

  13. Donna says

    I will use this in our Wednesday Night “WomenN2Him” Bible study. We have ladies ranging in age from 20s to the 60s! It is great to have a study which covers all age groups and allows each age to share their thoughts! I will blog about it on my FB page.

  14. Donna Freund says

    I do not have a blog. I’m a Precept leader for the women of my church. I would use this study at my church for all the women. I love Kay Arthur and Precept Bible studies.

  15. Jessica Ables says

    I would lead this study with the ladies in my College Sunday School class as well as with the girls in my youth group. I believe these messages are what teenage girls and young adult women like myself need to hear. In today’s world, young people think it’s okay to have sex before marriage, but God intended for sex to be practiced only in a Biblical marriage relationship.

  16. Melinda says

    I’d love to try to start a Mom’s Ministry group at my church since we don’t have one; or at least I’d like to start something with a local ladies’ group.

  17. donna still says

    I love to journal, so after each session I would journal my thoughts, dreams and prayers and then post them in my notes section on FB.

  18. says

    I would use this to do a bible study on my blog. I love using my blog as a source for doing this because there are so many people that can’t commit to a weekly meeting at a church or a home and online is perfect. You can do it in your own time :)

  19. Lisa says

    I would use this for spiritual growth and learning more about God. Then use it to reach out into the community and do a study with the ladies.

  20. Elizabeth Rasper says

    We would use it in our women’s bible study at our church. We grow in size and in knowledge with each and every bible study. We have been talking about doing a Kay Arthur study, this would be great one to do.

  21. Elizabeth Rasper says

    We would use it in our women’s bible study at our church. We grow in size and in knowledge with each and every bible study. We have been talking about doing a Kay Arthur study, this would be great one to do.

  22. Elizabeth Rasper says

    We would use it in our women’s bible study at our church. We grow in size and in knowledge with each and every bible study. We have been talking about doing a Kay Arthur study, this would be great one to do.

  23. Meghan Baldwin says

    We’d use this study at our church women’s bible study. Our website has a new blog feature and we just starting trying out. The ladies would love to share our excitement with the online community.

  24. Kim says

    I absolutely love Kay Arthur and would love to do this study with our women’s group this summer. I was looking for something to do with some of our young ladies and our established women’s group – this would be great!

  25. Kim Norris says

    If I were to win this study I would do it within a small group of women in my church. We would have a weekly study and have an online blog or discussion about the study and our thoughts, etc.
    I would use facebook groups or

  26. says

    I’d love to share this with our Protestant Women of the Chapel here in Germany, and then pass it along to my daughter to use with her small group at college! Both of us have blogs and would share the experience with our readers.

  27. Delyn says

    HI, I’m not sure where else I could ask this question. This blog used to have Cindi Wood short videos on Fridays. I haven’t seen any in a while. Is she not doing them anymore for you?
    I do enjoy all the others, just missed her and wondered if she would be back.
    Thank you,
    Delyn Metcalfe

  28. Deborah says

    Maybe a MOPS Bible Study? Or a study for my women’s group? I have a couple of college girls that I meet with, too. I could pass it their way after using it with my group of married ladies. :)

  29. Melanie says

    I would think this would be great for are Woman of the Word help sessions at my church! Kay Author is amazing when it comes to delivering the Word of God!

  30. Carlee says

    I want to use it for a class of new believers and believers who have become cold. Some of these young believers are starving for well worded biblical answers. I would like to give that to them.

  31. Janet Helton says

    I’d would share the study in our womens’ ministry, and share it with the yound women of the youth group. If the church administration is interested, I would donate it to the adult library.

  32. Amber says

    WOW! I would LOVE to use this study with the women I fellowship with. This subject seems to be the “unspeakable” in the SMALL community I live in. As a woman, wife & mom of daughters I know we all have questions and seek more knowledge in this department. I will definately add this to my list if I am not the chosen winner for this. Thanks for putting this study out there!!!

  33. Jonna says

    I would LOVE to do this study with the ladies at my church. I lead a women’s bible study with about 80-90 wonderful ladies. This would be awesome!

  34. Deb Tiner says

    Kay breaks the Word into crumbs and makes it come alive over and over. I’d love to use this study for a multigenerational women’s group. I think the art of mentoring needs a big comeback!! Every generation has something to offer the others… we tend to forget that in our busy lives.

  35. Cheryl says

    I would like to do one with a small group. My sister in law is wanting to do some bible studies and we could do them together. We also have another lady in our family that is not a believer that we might be able to include in the bible study.

  36. says

    I have several uses for this study. The first is personal as I’m seeking to be the wife God is calling me to be. Today is my 19th wedding anniversary and I’m still learning. This study will provide great insite as my sexual appetite is wanning & my husband’s is peaking. Also, I have a teenage daughter I would love to share this with. It would be a great way to start dialogue with her without embarrassment to either of us. Finally, I would love to share it with the women’s group at my church. We’re small in number and all at different stages of life – from a 76 year old who’s never been married to a widow to myself (one of the babies of the group at age 43) and a couple of young adult ladies (age 20 something) who are just joining.

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