“The Lost Voices” by Pat Layton

We had over 400 women join us last Tuesday at the live webcast with Pat Layton dealing with post abortion healing. Many women also communicated with one another via chat during the webcast. Below is an article by Pat from the January issue of HomeLife Magazine.
Article ~
Many Women attending and serving in our churches have had one or more abortions. How can the church help these wounded women heal?
I can’t do this! I can’t be in a Bible study with all these godly women. I don’t fit in here, Sandy thought, wiping mascara-stained tears from her face. I’ve had four abortions. How can God forgive that when I can’t forgive myself? These women would be appalled if they knew my secret.
Can you picture the church, God’s family of faith, as the scariest place in the world to share your deepest secret and greatest pain? Perhaps you can. Today, many women attending and serving in our churches carry the secret of a past abortion. Women shackled by guilt and shame, guarding the secret in self-imposed isolation. I know this is true because for years, like Sandy, I was one of them — until a dear sister in Christ and a loving church showed me the path to God’s healing and His redemptive plan.
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