Random Thoughts Part 6… 3 More Spiritual Lessons for Leaders

You can read Random Thoughts Part 1, 2 , 3, 4 and 5 that were previous posts.  Here are more thoughts, leader to leader.  These are specific prayers that my prayer partners are praying for me this year, and what I am also claiming daily.  I pray these will bless you as well!

1.    I look forward to lifting you in prayer this coming year.  I am asking for a new excitement in the Lord for you.  I am asking that He gives you abundant wisdom to serve Him and bring Him glory.  I am asking that you have the best year of  marriage (Note from Chris: this is our 40th year of marriage!) ever and that your children and grandchildren will call you "blessed"

2.    Just wanted you to know I again lifted you to our Lord.  I continue to ask for a ‘fresh love’ for the work God has given you.  I prayed for you and your husband, claiming love, laughter and joy for your marriage.  I am asking our Lord to let you see Him in all that you do and recognize His work.  I know as you see His Hand in your life, your love for Him will only deepen.  I ask that any distractions be swept away and your eyes will see Jesus more clearly today than yesterday.  Love you, friend.

3.    Want to start the year off letting you know I am praying for you.  I pray that you will have exciting encounters with the Father, up close and personal.  I am praying that you will meet the challenges with power and confidence. And that you will have joy and power in every opportunity that the Father wants you to seize.  You are loved by Him, and me.
I will claim these daily this year and pray they will speak to you as well.  Watch for those special ways that He speaks to you personally as you seek to walk with Him daily.

Helpful Resources:
Whispers of Hope, Beth Moore
Journey (devotional magazine for women)

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