Its an ALA-MOment

*WARNING: This video is not for those who get motion sickness due to the shakey camera moves. I won’t name names.
CLARIFICATION: While we love and esteem Lisa Harper, she will NOT be at the Going Beyond event in San Antonio next month. We wish, but other Bible teaching calls.
The ALAMO: No we did not go in, but we had a moment out front.
WHY: Lisa and I were scurrying around down town San Antonio last October when I accompanied her on one of her Women of Faith fun weekends. (She was awesome by the way). Loved that event and getting to meet the amazing women of faith themselves.
I’LL BE BACK: Not to the Alamo, (well maybe) but definitely at Alamo City Church on Feb 25 and 26 for our FIRST Going Beyond, Priscilla Shirer event of 2011! Anthony Evans will be leading worship. AND Melanie has promised to take me for fabulous, authentic Tex Mex.

An Ala-Moment! from Kris Seidenkranz on Vimeo.

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