Women’s Leaders should LOVE January!


Today our guest blogger is Leighann McCoy. Leighann currently serves at Thompson Station Church as the prayer and women’s minister. Enjoy her post about why women’s leaders should LOVE the month of January!

I love January. Even though the weather outside can be frightful, there is something exciting about a new beginning. Somewhere around December 27 I start thinking of all the goals I can set for the New Year. Yes, I’m a goal setter and a resolution maker. No, I don’t always keep every goal I set and many of my resolutions prove to be overly ambitious ideas that are soon forgotten. But some goals I reach and some resolutions I keep.

As I look forward to 2011 here are some of the goals I have set for myself:
1.    I want to read through the Bible 4 times this year. I heard at the Women’s Leadership Forum in November that if I’ll just read 6 chapters daily I can reach this goal.
2.    I will mentor other leaders. And because leadership is more "caught than taught", I will invite other women to serve alongside me in everything I do.
3.    I want to share my faith. Not just with actions but with words.

Here are some of my resolutions:
1.    I resolve to listen more than I talk.
2.    I resolve to talk to God before I talk to others when I am confused.
3.    I resolve to eat right and exercise.

In a few days, I will sit down with my prayer journal and review the goals and resolutions I made last year. I’ll thank God for the progress I made and ask Him to forgive me where I fell short. I’ll review the events of 2010 and reflect on God’s faithfulness every step of the way. This is a practice that I participate in every year, but since 2010 took me in and out of cancer; through a flood that damaged our church; and brought me the pregnancy of my teenage daughter, I have much to reflect on this year.

As I reflect,  I’ll make a list of lessons learned and truths revealed. I will remember how God gave me Isaiah 43:18-19 and Isaiah 44:1-5 the last week of 2009 when I sat in His presence and participated in my New Year’s ritual. I will ask Him to give me a verse or passage of Scripture for 2011 too.  And after I have spent some time in the lap of God, I will welcome 2011 with open arms and an expectant heart. I will “press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.” I urge you to do the same.

Happy New Year.

LeighAnn McCoy.jpgLeighann is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is a pastor’s wife, mother of three, as well as a writer and speaker. Currently, she serves on staff at Thompson Station Church as the prayer and women’s minister, and is a frequent speaker at women’s events and prayer conferences. Throughout her ministry, she has served in several denominational positions relating to children and women’s ministries. She is the author of five books, Oh God, Please! The Heart Cry of a Burdened Soul (a prayer study), Women Touched by Jesus, Women Conquering Fear, Women Embracing Life… All of It  and Pray Right! Learn more from Leighann and follow her on her blog: Sister Pastor.

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