Do you know a Military Wife?

Tour-of-Duty-120x120.jpgThis story came across my email this past week and I thought to myself, now this is why I do what I do. No, this has nothing to do with me personally, but sometimes I get caught up in the minutiae of work and need to be reminded of how God is working and how I’m so blessed to be even such a small little part in His work.
Terry lives in Millington, TN, a large Navy/Marine military base and community. She’s very active in the Women’s Ministry at her church. One of our network partners told her about the new Tour of Duty Bible study. He shared a sample of the Bible study with her, she looked over the information, and seemed very interested in taking it back to her church.
The next day she and a friend went shopping – both of them bought a copy of the Tour of Duty Bible study at their local LifeWay store. They began to share information with some of the women in the church and are now leading a study of Tour of Duty in Millington.
The friend’s mother is at Camp Pendleton in California – largest Marine Base in that area. The mother has a large group of women getting together for dinner and beginning the Tour of Duty Bible study. They are reaching and telling people who have already left the base about the study. One lady commented “she wished she had had something like that when they left”.
So – in just over a week’s time – word has spread from Decatur, AL to Millington, TN and to California and a large group of women are already benefiting from this study. Terry said, “Your sharing information about Tour of Duty with one person has already crossed the country and is spreading to who knows where.”
Do you know a military wife? Would you let them know about Tour of Duty and ask them to share their stories with us here on All Access and on Facebook/lifewaywomen?

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